About Us

Lela Burris Styling is a professional interior styling service based in East Tennessee. We specialize in budget-friendly designs to improve the home you already have without breaking the bank. We break design rules and don’t follow trends, resulting in a timeless space you’ll be happy to come home to. We offer local design consulting for homeowners and renters looking for advice on improving space plans, color schemes, and room styling, as well as a full e-design service for clients living outside the East Tennessee area.  Lela Burris Styling is the go-to resource for homeowners who want to affordably update their house, but need a little guidance along the way. We can help plan your next decorating project, brainstorm organization tactics to best suit your family, and choose pieces that compliment your lifestyle.

Unlike Interior Design Services, we do not execute the design process. We provide you with action plans, shopping lists, space plans, color schemes, and helpful advice along the way, but the homeowner is in charge of execution. This alternative solution provides an affordable option to those who can’t budget for full design services. In addition to saving on service costs, the homeowner is working first-hand in the project, providing a learning experience and equipping oneself the knowledge to feel confident in future design efforts.

Our Services

Current Package Options

Color Scheme Curation

Professional paint color and accessory color selections

Current Space Maximization

Design plan to redecorate a room using your current furniture

Complete Redesign

Design plan starting from a blank slate to create a fully updated space

Project & Staging Consulting

Expert advice for decorating projects and real estate market preparation

Shop With The Stylist

Shop with a stylist for unbiased opinions and decorating inspiration

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Meet The Stylist

I’m Lela, founder and CEO of Lela Burris Styling and my blog, In The New House Designs. I’m an interior stylist in East Tennessee and I specialize in E-Design and project consulting. I’ve been a self-proclaimed decorator since age 9 and I’ve spent most of my life studying and perfecting how to create homes for people who actually want to live in their houses, not just take pretty pictures of them. I don’t have a specific design style; I like anything that’s clean, neat, and organized.

I spend my free time with the man of my dreams, Nigel, and my ten year old son Noah, who truly believes he’s forty. Fedoras and all. I also have two black cats, Rose and Anakin, and about thirty (and growing) plant babies. The oldest plants in the house are two snake plants my parents received as a wedding gift thirty five-ish years ago. I’ve got a borderline coffee addiction, I love animals way more than they love me, and I’m a sucker for anything denim.