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I see you over there hustling your way through the day, powering through those meetings, downing another cup of coffee, and somehow managing to get two matching shoes on both of your kids.

Being a working mom means rocking your day job, cooking meals, keeping the house clean, and remembering where you left your keys, all while taking care of tiny humans who depend on you to tell them that sand is not okay to eat.

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What's Your Goal?

How will getting organized help improve your day to day life?


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Prioritize that giant list of yours an take it one step at a time.


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You aren't alone! has all the resources you need to get organized-ish.

You Can Do This!

Imagine what being organized-ish would be like

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I'm Lela

I'm an organizing pro-ish with a passion for keeping things neat and clean. I know, I sound like a drag, but I promise you, this hasn't always been my life.

I went from being a hot mess to something semi-put together, and once I got a taste of what it felt like to have schedules and plans and goals, my dream life fell right into place.

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