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10 Creative Ways to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

With heaps of plastic containers, empty bottles of glass cleaner, and a bath toy your kids decided to shove there, you stare at a legitimate disaster zone underneath your kitchen sink. It’s one of the hardest and least glamorous areas to clean, so you’ve probably seen thousands of Pinterest after pictures, but what if you can’t find a system that works for you?

That, my friend, is why I’m coming in with ten of the blogging world’s most creative ways to tame that under-sink eyesore for good.

Show Me Clean Cabinets!

Labeled By Doing Angela from Blue i Style took a motivational task-based approach to her labels instead of listing each container’s contents. She also chose plastic bins with removable lids to stack containers in an area with no piping.

Contact Paper To gut the traditional wood look, Linda from Crafts a la Mode added color with two patterns of contact paper and cheerful green spray paint for an upcycled bottom drawer.

Gadgets Galore Instead of putting everything simply inside the cabinet, Kelley Nan uses lazy Susans, risers, baskets, and sealed jars. Every item has a home, and she loves how much more efficient her kitchen is.

Easy Order Buttons Christene from Keys to Inspiration restocks her most frequently-used kitchen supplies with smart buttons so that she doesn’t have to go to the store in a pinch.

DIY Kim’s hand-built project from The Kim Six Fix looks perfect. She made vertical shelves out of plywood, and her dollar store baskets serve as pull-out drawers.

Storage on the Side For some people, storing items on the sides of cabinets is a must, but they’re not sure how to accomplish it. For Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons, it was as simple as peel-and-stick wall hooks.

Dollar Store Delight Flavia from Neat House. Sweet Home uses a great-looking set of three stackable bins. Each one cost her $1, but they look like one expensive tiered unit when combined.

Color Coding The mom behind At Home with Nikki uses teal for under-sink storage. Not only does the color just look clean, but it helps her keep everything in the kitchen, not in the laundry room.

Trash Bag Rollers Necessity is the mother of invention, and Sam from Simply Organized needed a better way to store oversized trash bags, so in one hour, she made dowels and now conveniently rolls off a bag when she needs one.

Cleaning Caddy Meredith may call her blog unOriginal Mom, but her space under the sink is uniquely practical. She stores her cleaning caddy in one cabinet instead of searching the whole house, and her trash can slides out for easy disposal.

Feeling Inspired Now?

People have all kinds of ways of getting their ‘ish together under their kitchen sinks, from catchy labels and affordable storage to custom-built organization inventions. Finally moving away from that disaster zone into what should be a clean, cathartic space to cook in is definitely possible. All it takes is finding a system that works for you.

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