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100 Ways To Get Organized

These 100 ideas will help you organize your home, life, car, and career to help you stay focused and less stressed.

Every time I have ever had an Ask Me Anything box in an Instagram Story or a Facebook Post, there is a recurring question that pops up at least once: “How do I get started?”

I totally get how overwhelming it is to wake up one morning and decide “I’m going to get organized today,” and three seconds later you’re spinning around with your hands on your hips realizing you have no clue what getting organized really even means.

I always tell people the same thing I told myself when I started my journey to being an Organized-ish human. Just do something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full room redo or just throwing out expired condiments. Just do something.

So to help you get started, I came up with 100 ways you can get organized. They’re all small, simple tasks that don’t take much time, but when you put them all together, Girl, you have officially organized your whole life.

100 Ways To Get Organized

1. Toss old nail polish bottles and put the rest in a container with nail supplies.

2. Throw out damaged pet toys and put the remaining ones in a basket.

3. Clean out your wallet while you’re watching your favorite tv show.

4. Refold your dresser drawers.

5. Purge your ink pen stash. You have WAY more than you need, and only half of them work.

6. Purge and straighten up your Tupperware.

7. Add hooks to your entryway.

8. Store household cleaners in a caddy with a handle.

9. Trash expired condiments and straighten up refrigerator door shelves.

10. Clean up your nightstand drawers.

11. Add a tray to corral your kitchen cooking oils.

12. Refold your sweaters. (Never hang sweaters!)

13. Clean out your glove compartment in your car.

14. Have your kids straighten up their backpack.

15. Clean up your computer desktop screen.

16. Add compartment trays to bathroom drawers.

17. Label storage totes in your garage with a silver Sharpie. Tape and paper fall off with temperature fluctuations.

18. Add folders to your phone home screen and categorize your apps.

19. Send your photos to a digital preservation company.

20. Straighten up workout equipment.

first aid kit drawer in bathroom

21. Add pull-out drawers to lower kitchen cabinets.

22. Store tiny craft supplies in an over-the-door shoe pocket organizer.

23. Condense cleaning supplies to must-needs and multi-purpose cleaners.

24. Create a morning routine and track your adherence to it for a week.

25. Add sub-boards to Pinterest recipe boards.

26. Purge excess knives in the kitchen.

27. Label charging cords so you know what device they go with.

28. Declutter your TV recordings.

29. Straighten up your coat closet.

30. Put small board game pieces and cards in zip-top bags to keep game boxes tidy.

31. Purge and alphabetize your spices.

32. Put mateless socks in your grocery bags and use them to protect glass wine and sauce bottles.

33. Try one of these ways to store your kids’ artwork.

34. Repurpose cleaning wipe bottles into storage containers.

35. Clean out your purse and add zipper pouches to organize small stuff.

36. Purge travel-sized toiletries and store in a lidded container under the bathroom sink or utility closet.

37. Add a kitchen cutlery organizer to your desk drawer to straighten up all your pens and small office supplies.

38. Add recycling bins to your craft area.

39. Use empty shoeboxes to test out container placements before spending money on nice ones.

40. Make a rolling desk out of a three-tier cart.

41. Set a timer for 10 minutes before bedtime and race to straighten up as much as you can.

42. Add a command center with a calendar, mail storage, and purse/bag/wallet hooks to a central location of your house.

43. Help your kids purge old toys.

44. Clean up cord clutter by using velcro cord wraps or pipe cleaners.

45. Clean out your vehicle’s trunk, then add collapsible canvas bins to organize the things you want to keep in there.

46. Straighten up under your kitchen sink.

47. Add a hanging shower caddy so bottles stop sliding off ledges.

48. Wash your cat litter scooper and store it in a small trash can lined with a plastic bag.

49. Add a tiered gravity-fed can organizer to your pantry to keep cans from taking up so much space.

50. Buy a planner (or use the digital calendar on your phone) and set reminders in your phone to update the calendar at least once a day.

51. Keep a running grocery list to make planning shopping trips easier.

52. Toss, recycle, or donate old magazines.

53. Purge and straighten up your underwear drawer.

54. Get your budget under control.

55. Clean up your email inbox.

56. Purge your jewelry stash.

57. Donate old bed linens and throw blankets to your local animal shelter.

58. Make a secure spreadsheet of usernames and passwords.

59. Help your kids clean out their closet.

60. Alphabetize DVDs and Video Games.

61. Take home things at work that don’t belong there. (lunchboxes, cups, etc)

62. Clean remote controllers and add a basket to store them in.

63. Make a mail station and stock it with envelopes, tape, stamps, scissors, and blank greeting cards.

64. Organize your tools and get rid of any that are broken/damaged.

65. Clean up your phone contacts and delete numbers you no longer need.

66. Track everything you do and the amount of time you do them for three days. Then analyze how you spend your time and make changes as necessary.

67. Check the batteries in smoke detectors and buy extra of whatever size they take so you’ll have them on hand when you need them.

68. Purge old books and donate to your local nursing home.

69. Start making a daily to-do list.

70. Purge your ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.

71. Use Amazon Alexa to keep you on track and organized.

72. Tackle your junk drawer.

73. Purge winter accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

74. Add a small portable trash can to your car.

75. Swap original pet food bags for lidded airtight containers. Don’t forget to add a scoop inside.

76. Purge and organize your craft pens and markers using one of these seven methods.

77. Get rid of old gift wrap supplies and store what you want to keep in a shallow container under the guest bed.

78. Throw out old store catalogs.

79. Take batteries out of their packages and store them all in a divided tool container.

80. Ditch the address book and store mailing addresses in a simple digital spreadsheet.

store cords and batteries in caddy

81. Create a cleaning schedule so you can spend less time cleaning on weekends.

82. Purge old party supplies.

83. Set a timer for 10 minutes and Brain Dump to prioritize your to-dos.

84. Add a jar or bowl to your laundry room to hold loose change. Put another one in your closet.

85. Organize your first aid supplies and buy any you’ve run out of.

86. Stock a pet first aid kit, too.

87. Donate old home decor you no longer have on display.

88. Clean your utensil tray and reorganize your flatware.

89. Keep charging cords under control using binder clips.

90. Practice folding clothes without a table for faster laundry cleanup.

91. Purge plastic cups. You’ve probably got way more than you need.

92. Help your kids set up a better homework station.

93. Get rid of any apps on your phone or tablet that you don’t use.

94. Use pool noodles to stuff tall boots so they stop falling over in the closet.

95. Roll towels to save space in the bathroom.

96. Straighten up your dresser drawers by making some DIY dividers.

97. Purge your filing cabinet and add extra folders and labels.

98. Pack a doggy diaper bag so you always have what you need when you take your pup on outings.

99. Adopt a new habit to improve your lifestyle.

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