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7 Ways To Decorate For Free This Fall

Fall decorations aren’t cheap. Between the pumpkins and mums at the produce stands and the super cute hard-to-resist things at just about every store you walk into, decorating a house for Fall can be a budget killer. But it doesn’t have to be. I made it my mission this year to not buy any fall decor at all (except some porch stuff because I had nothing) and get creative instead. When I committed to this, I ended up finding all kinds of great ways to welcome the season without spending any money. And in my book, free is always best.

Use Free Printables From The Web For Holiday Decor That Costs Nothing At All

1. Scour the Internet. It’s loaded with tons of free printables that can be downloaded and printed from your home computer. I love this chalkboard design from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

Use Interchangeable Floral Groupings On A Grapevine Wreath To Easily Change Out For Holidays

2. Make Your Seasonal Decor Interchangeable. I have this grapevine wreath I bought many years ago and for each holiday, I simply switch out the decor. Most floral stems are bendable so you can just stick them into the wreath, bend into place, and remove them when the holiday is over. This grapevine wreath is used almost year-round and it always looks like a new item each season. Nobody knows it’s the same one.

The Best Way To Bring Fall Into Your Home Is With Seasonal Flowers

3. Shop Your Garage. This rustic stack of wooden boxes is actually pieces of an antique sewing machine that were leftover from a recent project. By turning what could have been trash into stackable display “windows” I created this awesome vignette for my existing collectibles for no cost at all. The aged wood looks perfect next to fresh seasonal flowers and really balances the old and new.

Make Your Own Fall Decor Using Common Household Items

4. Look Outside. Just beyond my fenceline lies a mini-forest of trees. I found tons of acorns that make the best filler for jars of candles. And this green wine bottle from the recycling bin makes a great vase with some jute string wrapped loosely around it.

Fall Isn't Just About Pumpkins, Display Apples For An Edible Arrangement

5. Think Outside The Box. Fall isn’t just about pumpkins and gourds. I plopped some fresh green apples in a metal bucket with some plastic pinecones I clipped off an old wreath for a bright addition to all the browns and whites. And since the pinecones are fake, the apples stay clean and edible. Not to mention they add a great scent to the room.

And that wreath in the picture frame? That’s another free printable from Tater Tots And Jello. I’ve got them all over my house in various sizes.

Use A Rolling Island For A Portable Fall Party Buffet

6. Move Your Furniture. For fall get-togethers, I bring the rolling island from my kitchen into the dining area and use it as a buffet. I also move chairs and side tables to new locations for group conversation areas. Utilizing portable furniture you already have can create new spaces without spending any cash.

Update Your Current Home Decor By Adding Small Touches Of Fall For A Subtle Impact

7. Subtle Changes Make A Big Impact. Bringing in accessories from another room, switching out throw pillows, and adding fall-colored beaded twigs to existing wreaths and wall decor are easy ways to create an autumn-inspired space without doing a full overhaul of the the room. When it comes to seasonal decorating, sometimes less really is more.

How do you find ways to create a seasonal home without spending money? I’d love to hear your ideas! Share your comments below to get the conversation started.


  1. Great advice! your arrangements are so pretty and festive!

    • Thank you Robin! I’ve really cut down this year to a more simple set of decorations and I’m enjoying the natural aspect much more than an arsenal of decor overpowering my house.

  2. These are great ideas! I love the pussywillows and the wine bottle wound with twine.

  3. Lots of great ideas Lena, because let’s face it who can afford to buy all of the decorations out there. Actually in my case there aren’t any so I am also forced to rely on mother nature.

  4. I do the same thing with my grapevine wreath – it’s so quick and easy. I like your idea of incorporating apples. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  5. Sandra gandy

    love your ideas

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