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8 Things Every Woman Cave Design Needs

This post is written in partnership with Chairish.

Woman Caves are all the rage right now. Before you put up the No Boys Allowed sign check out these eight things your diva den design needs to have.

You’ve heard of a man cave, right?

A worn-in leather sofa with reclining chairs, a humongous wall-sized TV, a fridge packed out with beer, and a cardboard cutout of some football player or Star Wars character are some of the first things that come to mind.

It’s where guys go to watch ball games.

And to draft their Fantasy teams.

And jam out in their imaginary bands.

And hide from their wives when they see Home Goods bags come in the door.

But dudes aren’t the only ones with cool spaces.

More and more women are creating their own havens at home and spending girl-time in style.

From hosting girls’ nights and book clubs to watching chick flicks and paper crafting, these diva dens are one of the biggest new trends.

Have an extra room in your house that has turned into a junk space?

A guest bedroom but you never have overnight guests?

An office that never gets used?

Don’t go throwing the “No Boys Allowed” sign on the door just yet.

Check out these eight must-haves for your own Lady Cave design.

1. Colorful Accents. I don’t know about your house, but mine is pretty neutral. It suits everyone’s taste and makes all of my family members happy. But when it comes to my own personal space, I want to get a little wild with the design. I’d probably never go bold in my main living areas, but a woman cave is the perfect place to test out new design styles and try out new things. You just might find out your tastes are a lot different than you thought.

Bar Stools

Bring in pops of color with fun bar stools or accent chairs, throw pillows and blankets, wall art, and storage bins. I wouldn’t go all out with a bright red sofa or a crazy wall color, but these vintage bar chairs are the perfect way to add color in moderation without being tacky.

2. Lots Of Texture. What do us ladies love more than tons of textures? I can’t think of anything. We are drawn to soft blankets, fluffy pillows, smooth upholstery, shaggy rugs, and smooth shiny fixtures. In our mind, the more textures the better. Mixing textures are the ultimate way to up the cozy factor of a room and rank off the charts on the “welcoming and inviting” scale.

Black and white throw pillow

Try mixing over-stuffed and under-stuffed throw pillows in your design. It keeps the room from looking too polished and staged. And for an instant cozy effect, opt for a super-soft area rug like faux sheepskin.

3. Multipurpose furniture. Now I’m guessing your secret hideaway is probably the size of a standard room. Unless you live in an extra large house with more rooms than you’ll ever need, you probably will use this space for a lot of things. You’ll store your book collection, organize all your craft supplies, paint your nails, watch movies, eat a midnight snack, and maybe you’ll sleep in there a night or two if the Mr. is snoring louder than usual.

Sofa Daybed

When you’re shopping for furniture, look for items with more than one use. Like a sofa that folds into a bed, a desk that folds down onto the wall, an ottoman with storage space inside, and a bar table that doubles as a work space.

4. Shiny Metals. Nothing screams elegance like shiny metals. Shades of silver, gold, nickel, chrome, and steel are the easiest way to glam up a room. And don’t fall for that old nonsense about not being able to mix metals. Not only can you mix metals, but you totally should. As long as they pair well together in style and scale, you can put whatever metals in your design you’d like.

Bar Cart

My favorite way to mix metals in a chick lounge are in the bar area. A glass and gold bar cart with vintage mercury glasses set the stage for showing off your pretty wine bottle collection. I love metals with texture (back to that texture thing again) like bumps and ridges because they add visual interest.

5. Storage. You’ve got a lot of stuff, just like all the other women in the world. 28 bottles of acrylic paint, nineteen design catalogs, twelve ever-growing random collections, and six adult coloring books. Not to mention your DVDs, nail polish, candles in every scent, and arsenal of every sewing tool and accessory known to mankind. You need stylish storage solutions to keep all your ‘stuff’ organized and easy to find.

Chrome Shelving

Bookshelves, ottomans, boxes, bins, baskets, and even an old dresser can be great ways to corral all your chick stuff. That chest of drawers from your baby’s old nursery can easily become the new home of your pillow covers, art supplies, and collectibles.

6. Audio And Video. TVs and sound systems aren’t just for Man Caves. It’s definitely a good idea to pop a television on the wall and an iPod speaker on the table by your favorite chair. You may think you’ll never use it, but I guarantee you will. While the guys are watching the third baseball game in a row in the living room and the kids are watching Avengers (again) in the den, you can be in your Chick Room yelling at the couple on House Hunters to choose house number two instead of three. And wonder whatever happened to Suzanne Wong.

dresser and mirror

If you’re worried about electronics killing your design aesthetic, find things that can easily be hidden or camouflaged. A media cabinet can close up a TV or computer behind doors when not in use. And there are some great vintage-style music speakers that work with modern day music sources that you’ll be proud to display front and center.

7. Fun Lighting. This is where you get to live out those childhood dreams of the fancy chandelier from the Cinderella movie. Okay, maybe not exactly like that one, but you can definitely go for something similar. If you went to Home Depot and pointed out the super-feminine chandy with your hubby, he’d roll his eyes and keep on walking. A definite “no” without even the slightest thought. But not in your Lady Cave. You can put in the girliest, shiniest, Cinderella-iest light fixture you want. And nobody will be around to judge it.

Light Fixture

Fancy chandies don’t exactly give off the most useful light, but don’t let that deter you. You’ll likely want lamps anyway for localized lighting, and you won’t have the overhead light on all the time, so go make the child-you be proud of the adult-you and get what you’ve always dreamed of.

8. Open floor space. Yeah, you’ve got that awesome new couch and those great new bar stools. And a desk for doing your work and a table for putting together puzzles. But sometimes you just need a little space. When designing the room’s layout, opt for an open area, even if it’s just a little spot. You never know when it might be time for a random T Swift dance break.

Create your own woman cave with a vintage mid mod style

Do you have a Woman Cave? Or are you dreaming of one?

What are your must-haves? And what would you do in it?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

All items shown can be found on the Chairish website. I just fell in love with their company and all the amazing sellers.  Everything is vintage, verified, and sorted by design style. It’s like the greatest antique store you’ll ever visit, except you can shop in your underwear. With a glass of wine. In your Lady Cave. I’d love to invite you to browse the site and get inspired for your next redesign project.

This post was written in partnership with Chairish, however all opinions are my own. All photos used belong to Chairish and featured items are currently available for purchase at the time this post was published. Items are added and removed often and availability cannot be guaranteed.


  1. The list is great. I am having storage space issue in my small home. So, I am thinking to add some stylish storage furniture like shelving, cupboard and cabinets to store stuff and make my small home more organized and clutter free. Thanks for sharing your innovative ideas to stay organized.

    • Good luck with your upcoming storage projects! I’ll let you in on a little secret Linda…in a few days I’ll be hosting a Declutter and Organization challenge that I think you’ll love! Check back soon!

  2. Great. I love your ideas. This are very important things that woman can design needs.

    • Thanks Angela! I really love how the design can be a little different from the rest of the house, so it gives us a place to experiment with new styles.

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