Real Talk

Are You Organized-ish?

Life gets a little crazy. I get that. Keys get lost, kitchen cabinet avalanches happen, appointments get missed, and parents accidentally cuss in front of their kids out of frustration. Welcome to normal life. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be a screaming shiz show every day? What if you could change just a few habits, create a system in your home, and plan your time better and all that stress would just melt away? Okay, let’s be real here, that stress never goes away completely, but there are quite a few methods you can put into play to decrease it by a lot.

If you’re jumping up and down right now praising the sound of these words, you’re totally in the right place. LelaBurris.com is all about organizing your home and life and turning those disaster days into a well-oiled machine. Everything I share is easy, quick, and simple. No frilly embellishments and no six-week systems. Just basic things you can incorporate into your day to feel like you’ve actually got it together for once in your life. I’m Lela Burris, your new BFF.

Tell The Truth

Is This You?

So why are you here anyway? Let me guess. You’re a busy working mom trying to balance home and life, and not lose your car keys while doing it. From last-minute assignments at work, to kids’ soccer games at 5pm on a Tuesday, to trying to find time to clean the bathroom and walk the dog, you don’t even know what “me-time” is. It’s the unicorn of life that you don’t actually think exists.

But it does exist. I’ll help you get it together and have your friends begging you to share your secrets.

how lela burris spends every morning and evening

Yes Girl

You Need Me

So here’s what Lela Burris is all about. I share weekly advice on grabbing the reins of your life and for once being in control. Sounds nice, right? I’ll teach you how to schedule, plan, and manage your time. I’ll also teach you how the organization of your home directly impacts your daily productivity. Together, we’ll get your home, life, and habits in check, and you can put away that bulk-size bottle of headache meds that sits on your desk beside your abnormally large coffee cup.

My blog posts follow two categories. Home and Life. Many of the posts offer free downloads to aid the info you read so you can put the method to work immediately. And I offer professional organization services, limited-time workshops, and coaching sessions throughout the year so you can really dig down and make some changes.

lela burris morning routine

What Am I

Some Kind Of Expert?

Well, yes and no. I don’t have a degree that says “Professional Helper Of People To Get Their Shit Together” hanging on my wall, but if that was a real thing, I’d be at the top of the class. I’ve been blogging for five years about home living and in that time, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Aside from working on LelaBurris.com semi-full time, I also have a day job (that is also full time) at a very demanding account management firm of a large national brand. Add in some private local hands-on organization clients, weekly virtual clients, and monthly maintenance clients, and I’m working three full time jobs.

Throw in a husband that works a crazy schedule, a preteen that’s, well, a preteen, a 75 pound dog, two needy black cats, a house that never seems to stay neat and tidy, and appointments almost daily. Because of this whirlwind of obligations, I’ve developed methods that have enabled me to manage it all, and still have time for tea on the front porch in the evening.

Fun Facts

About Myself

  • Technically, I work three jobs so meal delivery services are my superheroes.
  • I’m obsessed with denim, so plan on seeing a lot of it here.
  • My rescue dog sheds more than a wool rug store, so I’m rarely seen without a broom in my hand.
  • We ditched cable television and I’m having serious withdraws from the Housewives. #guiltypleasure
  • I name everything. Plants, rugs, furniture, stray cats, appliances, and neighbors. Yes, I know my neighbors have names, but mine are better.
  • I’ve got a bit of a potty mouth. Just making sure you’re down with that.

You’re In

So We’re Cool?

If you’re like me and you can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get your to-do list done, you’re in the right place. And if you don’t even make to-do lists yet, oh honey, please let me rescue you.

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