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One Closet System, Eight Ways

In the last seven years we have lived in three different houses, and in every closet of each one of them I have installed the exact same closet system. I love these adjustable closet systems because the only permanent part of it all is the wall brackets.

You can rearrange the shelves and hanging rods as often as you want without even having to break out the tool bag. That’s good for someone like me who loves to change things up every few months.

Since I’ve used this system SO many times, I thought it would be fun to round up some of the ways I’ve used it. Note the TERRIBLE photography from my early days of blogging…good thing I’ve gotten better since then! But one thing is consistent, this closet system can maximize a closet like no other.

Master Closet

shared closet makeover on a budget

Here’s our current closet. It’s my favorite closet from any house I’ve ever lived in because it’s not too big, not too small, and has just enough room based on the way it’s shaped for my husband and I to both be in there at the same time.

small closet organization tips from Lela Burris

At our last house, the master closet was long and narrow. It was the most challenging closet to use as a couple because we couldn’t both be in there at the same time.

Two houses ago, the closet was a perfect square. It was pretty easy to organize, but the corners weren’t very accessible. I think this one was better than the narrow one, but not the best design for a couple either.

Laundry Room

diy leather tags for baskets with Cricut Maker

In our last house, I added some of the small add-on kits over the litter box to hold our cleaning supplies. It was the perfect filler for a random open space.

In our old, old, house, our laundry space was a tiny closet in the kitchen. This closet system really gave me a ton of extra storage in an otherwise small area.

Other Spaces

Lela Burris Craft Closet for Cricut Maker

The craft closet in our old house was my happy place. I loved how I could rearrange the shelves every time my craft stash changed.

Noah’s closet gained a ton of space when we added the closet system. He was able to store his clothes and shoes on one side and extra toys and games on the other.

This isn’t in one of our houses, but it is a closet I designed for my brother and the Organized-ish Community Manager, Brad. I LOVED the basket drawers we used. This is my favorite closet I’ve done with this system.

How To Get This Look For Your Closets

In the closets above, I used the Rubbermaid HomeFree system from Lowes. Since then, it has been discontinued. I have found that Rubbermaid Configurations and Closetmaid ShelfTrack are comparable.

All of these adjustable wire closet systems are great and easy to install, plus they’re much more affordable than the built-in wood ones. I suggest going to Lowes (Home Depot doesn’t carry them) and looking at the options available. The store has a display of the system so you can see it in person out of the box.

shoe sneaker organization

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