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My Favorite Organizing Products From Amazon

These are the top ten organizing and cleaning products I personally use that should be in your Amazon cart.

I’m a big time Amazon shopper. I like the convenience of realizing I need something, finding it on Amazon, checking out without typing in my card number, and it all arriving in one or two days. I usually order things right in the middle of an organizing project, so that fast shipping is a game-changer. Plus it saves me from bopping around from store to store looking for things.

In case you’re an Amazon shopper, too, I wanted to share with you my top ten favorite organizing and cleaning rockstars from Amazon so you can add them to your own cart and get your house Organized-ish.

PS: If you don’t have a Prime account, you can get a free 30 day trial with this special link so you can try it out. If fast, free shipping isn’t your thing, you can cancel before the month is up and you won’t be charged at all for it.

My Personal Favorite Organizing & Cleaning Products On Amazon

1. Amazon Echo Smart Speaker. We love our Alexa device and use it daily to set timers for steeping our afternoon tea, alarms for quick spurts of cleaning sessions, reminders for later, checking the weather, and asking ridiculous questions just to see if she knows the answers. Echo speakers go on sale often, so it’s worth snagging one when they are.

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2. Kootek Drawer Organizers. These drawer organizers are very similar to the popular (and much more expensive) ones at The Container Store. They are lighter and and thinner, but still hold up very well. I’ve been using this brand for the last three years and none of them have broken yet. They come in all different variations and bundle sizes from 12 pieces to 54. This 31 Piece Set is the best starter kit in my opinion.

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3. Museum Gel Dots. These little superheroes are my not-so-secret weapon. They keep drawer organizers like the Kooteks in place so they aren’t sliding around, and they also help keep small decor pieces secure on shelves in case the cats happen to jump up and threaten their safety. Grab a pack of museum gel dots to keep on hand, and I promise you’ll find at least ten uses for them over the next few months.

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4. Eureka RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum. I recently got this vacuum and I am in LOVE with it. I’ll be honest, I have always hated vacuuming. But this lil’ guy has changed my mind. It’s super lightweight, cordless, and so easy to use. I can just grab it and vacuum up spilled glitter in the craft room or crumbs in the dining room in seconds. It even picks up cat litter from a bare floor, which no other vacuum I’ve ever owned can do. The Eureka RapidClean Pro is super affordable and definitely worth ordering asap.

5. Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Cart. When I first shared this cart a few years ago as a storage solution for my Cricut Maker and materials, that post went viral and is still my most-visited post ever. I have four of these storage carts now and use them for office and craft supplies, dollhouse building supplies, random storage in the garage, and my son’s legos. Make sure you stick with the Honey Can Do cart, because I tried the lookalike in another brand and it was literal garbage and fell apart in two weeks.

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6. Brother P-Touch Label Maker. Do you have a label maker? If not, this needs to be in your Amazon cart asap. Use it to label drawers, containers, refrigerator shelves, Tupperware, and everything in between. I like to use the transparent tape from Dymo with mine. And I suggest the Brother P-Touch Label Maker as a great entry-level machine. It’s cheap and easy to use, perfect for home-use.

7. Closetmaid SuiteSymphony Organizer. If you love the look of a custom built-in closet but can’t swing the cost, this is the happy medium. Closetmaid sells this semi-custom option that allows you to add on drawers, doors, and special pieces like cubbies and shoe holders so you can create the closet of your dreams. They’re really easy to put together, too, and can be adjusted to fit any size of closet.

8. Wall Control Metal Pegboard. Gone are the days of having to frame out 2×4’s to hang a flimsy composite wood pegboard. These awesome pegboards are made of metal and super strong, plus they go straight on the wall without framing boards. I have these Wall Control metal pegboards all over my house from my gym to my garage, the craft room and Noah’s bedroom, and soon I’ll be adding them in Nigel’s man cave. Wall Control Pegboards come in a variety of colors and sizes here.

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9. Silicone Ghost Cable Ties. Still wrapping cords with twist ties from bread bags and rubber bands? These silicone cable ties are gentle on your cords and don’t cause damage, while making it faster and easier to keep your cords tidy. I use these in every room of our house, and recommend them to all my clients, too. They’re especially great for keeping hair dryer and straightener cords under control under the bathroom sink. Get this multi-pack here.

Watch the cable ties in use in this video

10. Simply Gourmet Airtight Food Storage. This brand of food storage containers is what I use in my personal pantry at home, and it’s way cheaper than the OXO brand. If you’ve been reluctant to add airtight food storage to your pantry because of the high cost of the containers, these Simply Gourmet ones are for you. They work just as well as the other brands and even come with chalkboard sticker labels. I bought three boxes for the cost of just one of the OXOs.

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Want To See More Of My Favorite Organizing And Cleaning Products On Amazon?

Check out my curated Amazon Store that holds all my tried-and-true faves, organized by category for easy shopping. I update these lists monthly so there’s always the most current products, and I add new things I’ve bought and loved often. You can even buy items from specific rooms of my house with shoppable photos! Don’t forget to get a free 30 day trial with this special link so you can take advantage of free two day shipping if you don’t already have a Prime membership.

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