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Apartment Organization On A Budget

Apartment Organization On A Budget

I recently visited a client with a unique request for me.

Unlike most of my design appointments, this particular family did not live in their house most of the time.

Their family home was far outside the town limits, and the commute to work was way too long, so they rented an apartment in the middle of the city to stay at during the week.

The apartment is in the perfect area. Right downtown and within walking distance to anything they need.

But the problem was, all their furniture was at their house.

And all their clothes were at their apartment.

See what I’m getting at?

Yep, throw two adults, a toddler, and two dogs into a small apartment with little furniture and you end up with a lot of clutter.

Closet Before

Closet Before 3

Closet Before 2

They asked me to help them find affordable ways to organize their space without the use of furniture.

Their closet was massive. I was totally jealous of how much space they have.

But without a dresser or any kind of drawers at all, their clothes ended up all over the place.

And after a while, they stopped bothering with trying to keep the clothes neat.

Child closet before

Bedroom Before

More clothes in the bedroom.

They seemed to spill over everywhere.

Kitchen Before

Laundry Before

There was also no pantry or extra cabinet space in the kitchen so their food took up the entire counter prep space.

And the laundry room was a catch-all for all the random stuff they needed during the week.

The clients and I headed to Target with a $300 budget on a mission to come back with buckets, baskets, shelving, and drawers to organize the space and make it more comfortable to live in.

We didn’t go fancy because it’s their secondary home, so the budget ended up being more than enough.

We came out $40 under budget and finished the entire job in about 5 hours.

Laundry After

In the laundry room, we added a $40 metal shelving unit to act as a food pantry.

By moving the food items to the laundry room, the homeowners freed up some much-needed counter space in the kitchen.

Some lidded containers and fabric baskets hold all their pet and cleaning supplies, and S Hooks keep their brooms and mops off the floor.

Child Closet Afte

In the toddler’s room, we utilized more fabric bins to corral toys and keep them within reach.

Closet Organization in a rental apartment

Closet Reorganization

Closet Reorganized

In the master closet, we weren’t able to change the height of the shelving and rods, so we added hanging shelves for folded clothes and linens.

We also included some $13 plastic drawers for undergarments. They are the perfect alternative to a dresser and work perfectly in a closet.

mail station

The family also needed a space for their mail and keys.

The apartment didn’t have a devoted entry, so everything ended up on the counter.

We found these gorgeous desk organizers and the cork board with hooks and they worked out great.

In an afternoon’s time and about $260, we were able to organize an entire apartment.

The clients were so happy with all the space they have now, and love living clutter-free.


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