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The Best Places To Buy Cricut Supplies

Find out where the best (and worst) places are to buy supplies for your Cricut crafts, and which materials are worth stocking up on when they’re on sale.

There are a lot of options when it comes to where to buy Cricut supplies, and every retailer has it’s pros and cons. I have shopped with pretty much every supplier I can find, and over the years I’ve found the best (and the worst) places to refill my stash. I am constantly getting asked in blog comments and IG DMs about where the best places are to snag the hottest Cricut stuff, so today I want to spill the beans on all of it. Here are the deets on where to buy Cricut machines, tools, and supplies.

cricut shopping tips

Where To Buy Cricut Machines
When it comes to shopping for a new Cricut cutting machine, Easy Press, or Brightpad, I almost always recommend buying it from Cricut’s actual website. Yes, you do have to wait for shipping, but Cricut often has bundles available so you can get the machine AND materials and tools all together. This is especially helpful if you’re a total beginner, because you probably have no idea what materials and tools you need to start with.

Michael’s Craft Store And JoAnn’s Fabric Store
If you want to get a new Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 in your hands immediately, your best bet of finding one in stock is at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. They typically have a good stock, but if the store is far away from where you live, I suggest ordering online for in-store pickup. They’ll have one waiting for you, and if they’re sold out, you didn’t waste a trip.

Walmart and Target
If you’re looking for a Cricut Joy, you can usually find them at Walmart and Target. The materials you’ll want to stock up on may be slim pickin’s, but if you’re buying it as a gift or are just impatient (I feel you!) this is a good option.

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Where NOT To Buy Cricut Machines

There really isn’t a “bad” place to buy Cricut machines, but there are some places that most people just don’t have much luck at. Hobby Lobby is notoriously known for having low stock in machines, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for a certain color.

Facebook Marketplace is also crawling with Cricut listings from people who just aren’t using their machines that often. But they likely only discount their resale by about $20 or $30 if it’s still in almost-new condition, and you don’t get the free Cricut Access trial. You also may not get any supplies with it either.

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Where To Buy Cricut Tools

Michael’s Craft Store
Michael’s, in my personal opinion, has the best stock of Cricut tools. They always have the basic ones in stock, and they usually have some limited edition tool kits like the Martha Stewart collection and large starter kits.

Walmart has gotten really good about keeping tools in stock. You won’t find any specialty sets there, but the basic weeding tools, cutting tools, and blade replacements are usually there. This is a great place to go if you find yourself in need of a new tool when you’re knee deep in a project.
Again, Cricut’s website is your best bet if you’re looking for something specific. Another great perk from shopping through their website is they run sales often. They have 50% tool sales very frequently so you can snag what you need for way cheaper than stores are allowed to offer. Sign up for their email list so you get notifications when they run a sale.

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Where NOT To Buy Cricut Tools

I don’t usually recommend shopping for Cricut supplies on Amazon because a lot of the listings are third party sellers who mark up the pricing higher than they should. I’m not saying not to use Amazon, but I am saying it should only be used as a last resort if what you want is sold out everywhere else.

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Where To Buy Cricut Materials

JoAnn’s Fabrics
JoAnn’s has a great stock of Cricut branded materials, along with other brands of vinyl, paper, and fabric that you can use with your machine just the same as the Cricut stuff. Along with their great selection, they run sales very often. My favorite things to buy from JoAnn’s for my own Cricut supply stash are rolled vinyl and fabric swatches.

Hobby Lobby
I’m a big fan of Hobby Lobby for paper crafting. They have a huge paper section and put them on sale for 50% off at least once a month. I can buy a whole pack of cardstock, tons of pattered and specialty paper, and a big mixed paper bundles for under $50 when that sale is going on, then I’m all set for months of crafting.

I’m always impressed with how much Walmart has when it comes to Cricut Vinyl. They don’t usually have specialty vinyl or many pattern options, but if you’re looking for basic vinyl for everyday projects, you can usually find what you need there. That’s a great option for people who live in small towns that don’t have craft stores nearby.
For the same reason I recommend Cricut’s website for tool shopping, I also recommend for materials. has the best selection of materials, and they run big sales around every holiday, along with random pop up sales, too. sometimes has material bundles available, and once a month they offer a Mystery Box that comes with all kinds of surprise goodies. The mystery box sells out QUICK though, so make sure you’re signed up for Cricut’s email list so you know when it’s available immediately and have a shot at getting one in your cart.

Facebook Marketplace
I know I just said not to buy a Cricut machine from Facebook Marketplace, but it’s actually a pretty good place to buy materials. A lot of times, people get materials as gifts, in a Mystery Box, or part of bundle, and some varieties don’t suit their style. Other times they just loaded up on a sale day at the craft store and realize they’re never going to use it all.

Whatever their reason, people sell Cricut materials secondhand just to earn back a little of what they spent. Look for materials that have been removed from their packaging or are random “lots” of materials. You’ll get the best deal on these items versus the ones still in the package.

cricut shopping tips from Lela Burris

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