Cleaning Spring Cleaning Series

A Busy Mom’s Guide To Spring Cleaning

Hey there, Busy Mama. I’m so glad you’re here! You’ve decided to tackle Spring Cleaning the way it was meant to be tackled, by giving your home and your family a fresh start to enjoy those fresh new colors in your closet or cold glasses of sweet tea on your porch. Let me tell you something, though. Just because Spring Cleaning seems to rush in every year doesn’t mean that you should rush to finish it.

You can take it one day, one room at a time, and I’ve created an 8-day system that starts slowly, takes care of you first, and keeps you motivated to spring up your home inside and out. If you get stuck or forget what the next step is, feel free to Pin or bookmark this page and come back as many times as you need to. Now, let’s do Spring Cleaning right this time!

Day One: Create A Plan

Day 2: Refresh The Bedrooms

Day 3: Deep Clean The Bathrooms

Day 4: Give Your Kitchen Some Love

Day 5: Clean The Family Room

Day 6: Sanitize The Kids’ Rooms

Day 7: Tackle The Garage

Day 8: Build A Maintenance Plan

Need A Full Step By Step Spring Cleaning Planner?

Grab my 20+ page Spring Cleaning Planner on Etsy for room-by-room checklists of anything and everything you could possibly clean in your house. These checklists will keep you on track and help you breeze through your cleaning sessions without forgetting a thing. It’s only $12 and you can download and print it immediately after your purchase, so there’s no wait time! Click here to get yours!

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