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DIY Christmas Stocking Ladder


Try a rustic Christmas ladder to hang stockings without a mantle in small spaces. Written December 2016

A lot has changed since last Christmas at The New House. We’ve made some decorating updates, we’ve expanded our design business, we lost our sweet minpin Kenai, and our kiddo is growing up so incredibly fast.

But in the midst of all this change, I needed something constant to remind me that the holidays are a time to be thankful and grateful for all the gifts life has given me, the memories I have, and the future I have to look forward to.

And that constant is my blanket ladder – turned Christmas Stocking tree.

It usually houses our heirloom quilts, but since we don’t have a fireplace mantel, the quilts go into hibernation and the stockings take center stage for the month.

In case you missed my post about the ladder last year, and for my newbies, here’s the original post. Let the nostalgia begin!

(And yes, that’s Kenai’s stocking hanging this year. Does anyone else continue hanging their pet’s stocking after they’ve passed?)

Vintage Ladder for holding stockings when you don't have a mantel

You know, my house has pretty much everything I want and need. I’ve got a dining room to house my beloved family table I inherited from my grandparents, a large master bedroom and closet to hold my [borderline obsessive] collection of clothes and shoes, plus more closets storage space than I could possibly use.

But do you know what I don’t have? A fireplace and a mantel, and I’ve been fine with that until I started putting up my holiday decorations.

Stockings on blanket ladder

Where in the world will our SIX stockings go?

(Yes, I said six. I’m the crazy pet owner that has a stocking for each critter. Don’t judge.)

They can’t be hung by the chimney with care, and every single wall in my house is already occupied, so that’s out of the question too. Just seconds before I had a minor freak out and cancelled Christmas altogether, I had a stroke of genius.

My blanket ladder.

That gorgeous old ladder I found at an antique store; the one I distressed by mistake; the one that started out holding fuzzy blankets and transitioned to displaying handmade family quilts.

Yep, sometimes I impress myself with my ability to problem solve.

Stockings on old ladder

I am so happy with how it turned out, and the fact that I was able to get six stockings in such a small space definitely qualifies as a win.

My adorable Cracker Barrel stockings get to show their sweet little faces for another year after all, and Christmas isn’t cancelled.

Who says stockings need a mantel? Whoever they are must not have an antique ladder.



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  2. Love it! And btw, my mother in law hung her recently departed dog’s stocking up, too.

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