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How To Completely Clean And Organize Your Refrigerator

When’s the last time you brought home fresh food? Probably yesterday or last week, right? Now, when’s the last time you properly cleaned and organized your refrigerator?

Um, guilty!

It seems like common sense that the place where our food goes should be as spotless as the food itself, but the sheer amount of clutter in refrigerators means that your appetite for a cleaning binge goes away as fast as a chocolate bar on an exhausting Friday afternoon. Let’s be real, though. This task is as important as making grocery lists and keeping your family happy and healthy, but it doesn’t have to take all weekend anymore.

If you’re having trouble visualizing this for your home, here’s an IGTV video of the entire process in my own fridge. Feel free to laugh at how empty it was at first and the clump of pet hair I found along the way. Don’t ask. I don’t know how it got into my refrigerator either. Afterwards, I organized everything even further (or I needed another reason to use my Cricut machine), so I added labels for the containers to get a more finished look.

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So to recap,

3 Steps For A Clean Fridge

  1. Put every single thing on the counter.
  2. Wipe or rinse shelves
  3. Check expiration dates

3 Steps For An Organized Fridge

  1. Reconfigure shelves (Don’t be afraid to slide them out!)
  2. Use acrylic containers
  3. Keep drinks up top (in the coldest area)

The Refrigerator Love Doesn’t End There

Maybe the reason why you’ve neglected this task for so long is the same reason why you hate forgetting to put on deodorant. If your refrigerator makes you go “Oof!” instead of “Mmm!”, here’s how to freshen it.

The refrigerator is just one part of the entire kitchen, so why not  regain control or make it more functional?

Are your grocery trips just as frenetic as your fridge? If you’re getting lost in the store or forgetting half the things on your list, check out The Busy Mom’s Guide to Grocery Shopping.

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