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Take Control Of Cord Clutter

Learn how to clean up cluttered cords with this simple and cheap organization hack.

Nothing, nothing looks messier than a big wad of tangled cords. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. And most of the time, you don’t even realize what a hot mess it is until your packing for a move and you pull out your TV stand and cry a little at what’s back there. At one point, you even consider just throwing away all the electronics altogether and starting over again. You wonder if that’s easier than trying to get knots out things that could potentially shock and kill you. (Or at least cause you to stroke out from an anxiety attack.)

But I have a secret that makes sure you never have to deal with that tangled tumbleweed of cords ever again, and it costs less than ten dollars. I’ve used this method in every single client’s home that I’ve ever worked in, and it’s the things they all love the most. Not the gorgeous craft closet or the perfect shelving, they love the cord organization the most. Why? Because cords are demons. (Kidding, kind of)

easy way to organize cord clutter

My Quick And Easy Cord Organization Hack

Here’s What You Need:

how to organize cords easily

Step By Step Process:

1. Pull out the furniture, cough in disgust at the amount of dust behind it, walk away because you’re grossed out, and come back 30 minutes later with a gas mask, a chemical suit, and a microfiber cloth. (kidding again…kind of…)

2. Unplug, untangle, and separate each individual cord, leaving them plugged into the device so the cords don’t get mixed up. If you need to unplug to untangle, only unplug one at a time.

easy way to organize cords

3. Put a Velcro strap on each cord using a different color for each device. Use the strap to bunch together excess cord length so it doesn’t pile up in the floor or get tangled with others.

4. Stick a piece of construction paper, vinyl, or colored printer paper onto the back of each device that corresponds with the color of Velcro strap on it’s cord. I used leftover scraps of Cricut Vinyl, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

For things like TVs that have multiple plugs and cords, it’s better to put the colored vinyl or paper on the top of the cord by the input, but for things that only have one cord like your TV receiver or a computer screen, you can stick the color directly on the back. That makes things so much easier.

how to organize cord clutter

5. Scoot the furniture back in place, pop a couple of Benedryl to control the sneezing, and be glad you never have to do that again.

organize your cords the easy way

Why It Works:

By separating each cord, labeling it with a color, tying up the excess, and labeling the device to match, you can clearly see what cord goes with what device quickly and easily at all times. This is especially helpful if you’ve got a power strip with 6 outlets on it. And bonus points, if you ever move to a new house, unpacking and setting up your devices will be a breeze!

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  1. My husband has a real issue with tidy cords. He cannot understand why I think a tangled giant cordopus is an eyesore. He seems to think visible cords are a nessesity and tidy velco contained cords are difficult to deal with. In our new home his computer is in the kitchen at one of those built in desks. He cannot use a laptop and “needs” a tower for gaming. Of course the computer, monitor and cords are black. The desk and walls are white. He is still annoyed I insisted on the cords being contained in a chase to hide them and the main power cord is clipped to the baseboards not all over the floor getting caught in the whees of his humongous ugly “executive” arm chair.

    • Lela Burris

      That sounds so frustrating, especially when they’re tangled up. I hope he eventually decides that tidy cords are the way to go!

  2. I used a tape to settle all parts but the back of TV and PC get clutter really quick 😉

    • Brad - Admin

      Yes they do, and most people don’t think about it because it’s rare for someone to look back there, unless they need a shock. Thanks for getting your cords under control, Mike!

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