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Five Steps To A Cozy Master Bedroom

how to create a cozy bedroom

Bedrooms Aren’t Just For Sleeping

A bedroom is a tranquil retreat. A place to get away from the world. Your own secret hideaway.

It’s where you can kick up your feet with a good book and a cup of tea.

You can pile up the family on the bed and play a game of cards on a Friday night.

You can even make your kids’ dreams come true with an impromptu pillow fight.

So now that cool weather is rolling in, it’s more important than ever to up the cozy factor in your room so you and your fam will actually want to hang out in there.

I’ve partnered with my good friends at Linens and Hutch to bring you five simple steps to create a cozy bedroom without breaking the bank.

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1. Ditch The Work Stuff

Computers, desks, paperwork, binders, calendars, to-do lists, and half-finished projects are the very first thing to kill a relaxing vibe.

No matter how tiny your house is, there’s always somewhere else you can store this stuff.

Whether it’s a home office, a nook in the kitchen, a cubby in the hutch, or even under the couch, don’t let anything that resembles Work into your bedroom.

You’ll sleep better, wake up happier, and enjoy your work-free haven so much more.

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2. Load Up On Texture

Texture is a key way to add cozy elements to any space.

I love mixing various materials like wood and metal with a variety of fabrics like a frayed rug and thick blanket.

My nightstand lives and breathes comfortability with a short stack of books, a Crosby lamp, basket of blankets, tray for my glasses and phone, and a mini candle.

Nightstands can sometimes be tricky to style, so if you find yourself stumped, just stick with things you actually need by the bed and add a small plant. Works every time.

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cozy bedroom bedding duvet cover Lela Burris In The New House Designs

3. Invest In Quality Bedding

This is probably the most important step of all.

You sleep in your bed every night. Every Single Night.

You and your bed spend a lot of time together, and the mood of your day rides on how you felt when you woke up. Quality bedding really is a game-changer. You sleep better, wake up happier, and look forward to crawling into that soft puffy pile of goodness at the end of the day.

I highly highly highly recommend Linens and Hutch for bed sheets and duvet covers. I’ve never experienced bedding this soft.

The sheets get softer after every wash, the colors are so vibrant, and the duvet cover has a zipper instead of those annoying buttons.

Yes, yes, and YES.

I’ve been using Linens and Hutch for quite a while now, and I’ll never use another brand. And I bug the crap out of them on Instagram reminding them how much I love them.

My sweet friends have been so kind to share a discount code for In The New House Designs readers only to receive 30% off your bedding purchase! 

Use Code INTHENEWHOUSE for 30% off

That’s a super awesome deal, because their linens are already affordable. 30% off is a steal!

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Cozy navy duvet and white sheets

4. Keep It Clean

Nothing disrupts a good night’s sleep like clutter.

Clothes thrown on the floor, shoes piled up, shopping bags in the corner, dust on the dresser, and random “stuff” all over the place does not exactly scream “Relax.”

Make it a habit to keep your bedroom tidy at all times.

By taking just 5 minutes in the evening to put things away, you’ll be able to climb into bed without distractions or obligations.

Another good tip is to give your space a fresh coat of paint.

You’d be surprised how fresh and clean a bedroom can feel with just a new paint color.

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make your master bedroom family friendly for an instant cozy factor

5. Make It Family Friendly

There’s no better place to play a game of cards than a big cozy bed.

More than likely, the bed in the master bedroom is the largest in the house, so don’t keep it all to yourself.

Next time you plan an UNO tournament, a bedtime story, a drawing contest, or an epic battle with action figures, skip the table or floor and bring the fun to your bedroom.

The Master is such a warm and intimate space, so your kids will feel so special being invited in to play there.

give kids a laugh with a surprise pillow fight

And throw in a surprise pillow fight every once in a while, too.

I haven’t seen my husband and son laugh that hard in a long time.

There’s just something about a pillow fight that brings out the kid in everyone.

(I had to find a way to work that in somehow, because this photo of my men is just too cute not to share!)

black cat in cozy bedroom

These five steps are definitely the way to go to up the cozy factor in your bedroom.

But it doesn’t stop there!

To cozy it up even more, experiment with dark moody hues, deep wood tones, thick window treatments, and lively plants.

And be sure you’ve got a strict bedtime routine. Winding your body down the same way every night will help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

I have a reminder set on my phone to get ready for bed at a certain time on weekdays and weekends. I brew a cup of chamomile tea (I love this kind for inducing a deep relaxing sleep) and sip it in the bed while reading. I don’t sleep with the TV on and I don’t use my phone or iPad to avoid brain overload.

super soft sheets and duvet cover

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a room cozy, too.

Are you a believer in quality bedding? Do you banish electronics? Are you all about the right lighting? Do you create a bedtime routine?

Share your stories below in the comments, and be sure to go check out my buds at Linens and Hutch and use the code INTHENEWHOUSE for 30% off your purchase. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with their bedding just like I did.

Big shout-out to Linens and Hutch for providing this awesome discount code for my blog readers, and for making these incredible sheets and duvet covers. I can honestly say that whether you were an In The New House Designs sponsor or not, I’d have your bedding in every bedroom of my house. I truly do appreciate all that you do for my blog, and I’m so thankful for our friendship.

Learn how to create a cozy and relaxing bedroom with these super simple tips

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    I love your colors for your bedroom. Thanks to your post, I purchased a duvet cover set, and sheets from linens and hutch, and they are soo soft and comfortable. Thank you for the coupon.

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