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A Look Inside My Cricut Craft Cart

My Cricut storage cart blew up the internet a year ago, and I get at least three questions about it every single day. One of the most common questions is “what’s inside the drawers?” I’ve shared a video on Instagram in my Stories to show what’s in every drawer, but the more I think about it, the drawers really should be labeled. And I really should have some photos on the blog, too. So here it is!

I had some extra Cricut Joy Smart Label material leftover from my guest linen closet organization project so I decided to use it to make some labels for the craft cart.

Cricut Joy has a free app to help you create your own Smart Labels. To see how to use it for simple labels, cards, vinyl, Iron-On, and paper crafts, read My Exact Guide To The New Cricut Joy App.

cricut cart organization tips

This project took me a whole 10 minutes. Yep. TEN MINUTES! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do this sooner. Here’s what I did and how to copy it for your own cart.

(If you haven’t purchased the cart yet, here’s the one I use. Be careful about other brands, they look the same but they are very flimsy. This one is the one I have and it’s very sturdy compared to its competitors.)

cricut craft cart organization labels

How To Label A Storage Cart With Cricut Joy Smart Label

*Not interested in the labels and just want to see how I organized the drawers? Scroll right past these tutorial steps to get to the drawer contents. 🙂

What You Need:

1. Create Your Labels In Cricut Design Space

You can use any label template within Design Space to make your project go a little faster, or you can create your own from scratch. I used a pre-made template to save time, and I just added the text to each label using the Cricut Sans font.

You can snag my label template here. I designed the size of each label to fit the drawers of this cart, so no adjustment is needed. **Note, other brands of this cart are a tad smaller, so if you didn’t buy the brand I have, you may need to adjust the size a little.

To change the text, Unattach and Ungroup each set of labels first. Then change your text to whatever word you need. Don’t forget to Group and Attach again after you’re done editing, which ensures that it is cut and written correctly.

Cricut Joy writable vinyl labels
Cricut Joy labels for craft cart

2. Cut The Labels With Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy Smart Labels work exclusively with Cricut Joy, and you do not need a mat for this project. All you need is a Cricut Joy pen and blade, along with Cricut Joy Smart Label.

You’ll be prompted to insert the pen first, and Cricut Joy will write all your words. Then you’ll be prompted to switch to the blade to cut the labels out.

More on how to write and cut with Cricut Joy in this post.

Cricut Joy craft storage labels
Cricut Joy labels

3. Peel And Attach Labels

You don’t need any weeding tools for this project either, making it even faster and easier than regular vinyl projects. Just peel off each label and attach to the drawer front.

cricut storage cart organization

A Peek Inside The Drawers Of My Cricut Storage Cart

I know you’re dying to see what’s actually inside these drawers, beyond the pretty labels, so here’s some photos of what I store inside and how I organize each drawer. All the little divider bins inside are from Walmart, and they were all under a dollar each.

craft cart drawer organization

These four house my Cricut Tools, Pens & Markers, Adhesives, and Paper Crafting Tools.

I have considered getting a pegboard for these tools, but I really think I like having them all together in this cart because I often roll the cart to other rooms, and it’s nice not having to load up my arms with a bunch of sharp tools and markers.

cicut vinyl storage

Cricut rolled vinyl fits perfectly in these drawers, too. I organize them by type (Specialty/Transfer Tape, Everyday Vinyl, Iron-On, Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, and Cricut Joy vinyl) and keep them in three of the bigger drawers and two smaller ones.

I keep rolls of ribbon standing upwards in bins in the other big drawer. I don’t really use a lot of ribbon and string so this was plenty enough space for my needs. I also keep small fabric swatch collections here, too, for easy small Cricut projects.

Since I keep my Cricut Maker on top of the cart, I dedicate one drawer to hold the manuals and power cords for my Cricut stuff, including my BrightPad.

I don’t keep Cricut Joy cords here, though, because my Joy lives on my kitchen counter and the cord stays in the drawer below it for quick last-minute projects.

cricut storage cart and mat storage

I also added a small Command Hook on the back to hold my large cutting mat. It’s nice having this connected to the cart because it keeps it with everything at all times, but it also keeps it nice and flat.

Storing it standing on it’s own would cause it to fold over and bend, not allowing it to lay flat when I do projects.

cricut maker storage and organization
Cricut Joy size by maker

How To Get Your Own Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy is officially available! You can shop on here, or you can buy it in store where other Cricut products are sold, like Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and more. And of course, you can also use your Amazon Prime membership to order it there and get it shipped super fast and free.

online craft room organization course

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Speaking of course launches, I’ll let you in on this one early. My workshop-style e-course, The Organized-ish Craft Room, is reopening soon! I’ll teach you how to plan, organize, and maintain the craft space of your dreams, even if all you have is a corner in your kitchen. Enrollment for the fall semester is limited, so join the waitlist now to secure your spot and be the first to know when the doors open.


  1. Judy McCart

    Great ideas!
    Where do you store the adhesive cutting mats?

    • Brad Gandy

      Hi, Judy! On the cart, we keep them on a Command hook attached to the back. In the new craft room downstairs, they’re on a shelf standing in a slotting pot and pan organizer.

  2. Needed to get my silhouette off my craft desk, came across your post on here and immediately ordered the cart. My craft “room” is a tiny alcove with 4 bay windows and a door just off of my master bedroom, I am very limited on wall space so I needed something short to go under the windows. This cart is great! and I got it together in minutes.
    So here is my question, where are your vinyl scraps?
    I don’t do ribbon or fabric and I have few pens so I just put them in two of the smaller drawer (keeping herb and permanent separate)
    But where do you keep yours if not in the cart?

    • Hi, Amanda! We keep vinyl scraps in a scrapbook so we can “shop” for the ones we need. We’ll have a blog post about that soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so that you don’t miss it!

  3. Thanks so much for these tips. I bought the cart and ran into a snag when trying to store my 12×12 card stock. Any suggestions?

  4. Not cricut related 🙂 But where is your rug from?? I love it!

    • Hi! It’s from RugsUSA. I can’t remember the exact name but if you search gray medallion on their site you should find it.

  5. Looks Great!!! Does the mat hang off the front and the back of the cart and mess up what work you are doing?
    Thank You,

    • Lela Burris

      Hi, the mat slides back and forth but doesn’t bend due to the shape of the Maker. A 12×24 mat does bend a little so I move the Maker to a table if I’m using it. But for regular 12×12 mats it doesn’t flex at all and can stay on the cart the whole time during use.

  6. Patty Roy

    I have been searching online for vinyl storage that was doable and ran across this post. I ALREADY have this cart! I am just putting my room together and my Cricut is still in the box so now it has a home too! Thank you so much for the awesome ideas! Checking several things off of my to do list!

    • Lela Burris

      That’s awesome! I’m so glad you found this post and I love that you already have everything you need to start off your Cricut journey on the right (organized-ish) foot!

  7. Maurice Haddon

    I cant find the cart you have when I pull up your cart then a different cart comes up can you tell me the name of your cart and what websites you got it from thanks

  8. Do you use your Cricut on the cart or is it just for storage? I am newer at using my Cricut, I feel like I need a ton of space to use it.

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi Jillian! We use the Cricut machines on the cart all the time, so you don’t need to spread everything out unless you feel like you would work better with more space, but no, it’s not just for storage. Hope that helps and makes crafting more accessible to you.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration. I just got one of these carts, as well as the Walmart baskets, and its perfect to store my expanding collection of Cricut tools and card-making supplies!

    • Brad - Admin

      You’re welcome, Colleen! Cricut supplies are like the best-looking octopus. They keep taking up more and more space, but you don’t mind because your home is more fabulous and your friends give you amazing compliments. Happy crafting and enjoy your new Cricut hub.

  10. Elisabeth Bromley

    Where did you get the drawer organizers? They fit so perfectly! I just unboxed and put together my cart and my maker is sitting happily on top!

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi, Elisabeth! Those are divider baskets that came from Walmart for under a dollar each! Check the kitchen or craft sections of your local store. They usually have several, and I’m sure your Maker is looking fabulous in its new home.

  11. Mary Mattson

    Hi! I got one of these carts at Aldi’s for 35.00! (Wish I had bought 2) But you gave so many ideas on further organizing it. I love the idea of the 3M hooks to hang the mats.
    I have the Air Explore 2 and love it. Next on my list is a Maker.

    • Brad - Admin

      Thank you so much, Mary! You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll want to craft with a cart like that since you won’t have to waste as much time going back and forth for supplies. Happy crafting, and good luck on your second machine too.

  12. Luz C Berenguer

    I have the cricut explorer 2 and to this day I have used it just twice, Need to learn more about the cricut. Can you direct me on where to get some understandable lessons on using my machine?

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi, Luz! We definitely recommend the Cricut YouTube channel, because that’s how we learned to use our machines with no prior experience. They have a full beginner library of tutorials to help you get started step-by-step.

  13. Love this! Also love you rug! ? Where did you get it from?

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi, Alicia! That’s an ivory rug from RugsUSA, but we don’t remember the name of it. Feel free to email them if you’re interested.

  14. Are you able to store 12×12 paper in the drawers?

  15. Stephanie Cooke

    I Love your storage cart! I am new to the Cricut world. Why would you buy the Cricut Joy and not just make everything on your full size Cricut?

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi. Stephanie! I’m glad you love the cart so much. Our Cricut Maker is still the go-to for us when it comes to large projects that require a lot of customization, but we end up using more material than we need for smaller projects on Maker because the machine is so big. That’s mainly why we use Joy. If you’re planning on doing mostly small, quick projects like labels, decals, cards, or repeated patterns, Cricut Joy takes up less space and uses less material, and sometimes we can cut without getting a mat out too. Plus, if you want to show off the Cricut to some friends, the Maker is a bit of a pain to bring downstairs for a party, since we don’t want everyone in the craft room. I hope this helped, and best of luck with your own projects!

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