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Tour My Craft Room And Blog Studio

Take a tour of Organized-ish HQ, the studio where Lela Burris and the Organized-ish team create blog posts and binder kits, shoot videos, and make crafts.

Welcome to my studio, or as we call it, Organized-ish HQ. This studio has been something I and my team have dreamed of for years. Before, we would pile up at my dining room table and have meetings, do group work, and lug down all my Cricut supplies for fun crafting power days. And while it was nice and intimate to work at a dining room table together, we knew we needed a space of our own.

Now that we have this studio, we have the space to let our creativity go wild, and spread out so we aren’t working on top of each other. I am so excited to invite you into my craft room/blog studio! Make sure you take your shoes off at the door, because those aren’t allowed unless we’re crafting. But real pants are totally optional, so sweatpants and yoga leggings are totally appropriate visitor attire. 😉

Lela Burris craft room Organized-ish blog studio
craft room organization pro Lela Burris

The Craft Zone

As you enter the door, you’ll find me sitting on the table like this. Kidding…kind of. But you will usually find me at this table. It’s my main workspace for all my craft and diy projects. I knew I wanted a large work table, but I also wanted it to be light enough that I could move it out of the way if I need wide-open floor space. So instead of opting for a big bulky craft table, I chose two Ikea basic tables and sat them side by side in the middle of the crafting zone.

craft room table height hack

To raise the tables to save my back, I put the legs on bed risers. This was a cheap and easy way to have higher tables for working, but still allow me to lower them back down for team meetings that require a large conference table at chair height.

Lela Burris craft room organization storage wall

Behind the two big tables is The Wall Of Creativity. I know it’s cheesy, but I’m the boss and I can call it whatever I want. This wall is made with Ikea Boaxel shelving and Ikea Skadis pegboards. I created the shelving layout so I would have a counter-height work desk. The great thing about this placement is that I can swivel my chair between the wall desk and the floating work tables for efficient project work.

Lela Burris craft room table layout

On the desk section, I keep my Cricut machines, heat presses, and laser printer, along with cutting mats and extra printer paper on the shelves and crafting tools and frequently-used embellishments on the pegboard. I added pop lights to the underside of the upper shelf to give me extra task lighting without having to take up desk space with a lamp. This is where I do most of my vinyl weeding and paper cutting.

craft room layout idea Lela Burris

Above the desk area are two long shelves that hold more craft supplies. These are things like adhesives, stickers, embellishments, stencils, painting supplies, holiday crafts, card making supplies, and hobby-specific crafts supplies. The labels are made with dry erase vinyl so I can easily change out the contents of the containers as my craft stash fluctuates based on the season.

vinyl storage tips and ideas

To the left of the Wall Of Creativity is my secondary storage area, which holds all my vinyl, paper, and bigger craft supplies that don’t fit in the small containers above the wall desk. And to the right is where I store all my photography and video gear. These cube shelving units are from Ikea and are called Kallax. I like them because the cubby openings are almost 13″ wide and tall, so 12×12 scrapbooks and paper can fit in them easily. Most cube units only have 11×11 openings.

paper and vinyl craft room storage idea
craft room organization ideas from Lela Burris

Some cubbies are divided using wine bottle inserts from Ikea, while others have specialty organizers from Stamp N Storage. And on the bottom, the containers I chose are actually bathroom storage containers from Target. I love them because they’re stackable and super sturdy. To label all my vinyl cubbies, I added transparent labels using my handheld label maker so the whole team knows where to find and put away supplies after a Power Day.

dollhouse craft room storage and organization
dollhouse building supply organization for craft room

And the final area of the craft zone is my dollhouse workspace. This isn’t for the whole team, or for Organized-ish at all. The dollhouse renovation project is my own personal hobby and creative outlet, and this was the only place I had that I could store it all safely away from my cats at home. I love working on the dollhouse in the studio because it’s quiet, pet free, and usually people-free in the late evening. I use a rolling cart for building supply storage and a makeup organizer on the table for my go-to tools and adhesives.

organized-ish office of Lela Burris

The Office Zone

Moving to the next section of the Studio, you’ll find our office area. This is where we store all the biz stuff like client paperwork, blog paperwork, and Organized-ish Binder Kit stuff. That desk is where I write the blog posts and emails you see every week. And it’s also where I shoot most of my live video trainings. Across from the desk is a small dining table and two more chairs, where the team can work if they don’t want to sit at the big craft table. Most of them work virtually so they aren’t here all the time, but it’s nice to have an extra workspace so we can switch up our seating sometimes. We opted not to have multiple desks or cubicles, because none of us really like that vibe. We prefer a casual hangout space to work.

Organized-ish Headquarters Lela Burris Studio

We also have a wall with big bulletin boards and calendars to keep our team organized. We pin up video outlines, shot lists for our photographer, and special event info. And we also have a giant two-sided dry erase board for mapping out ideas and outlines. And let’s be real, it’s an awesome board for impromptu afternoon games of Pictionary.

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Lela Burris Organized-ish Blog Studio colorful kitchen

The Rest Of The Studio

Also inside our studio is a kitchenette where we make coffee, drink coffee, talk about coffee, and wash paint brushes. (But mostly make more coffee) I lined the existing bar that was in the room with a peel-and-stick mural wallpaper I had custom-printed to fit the built-in bar. And I painted the countertop pink and coated it with three coats of polycrylic. It’s holding up very well with no scuffs at all. The key to the application was two coats of Zinsser Bullseye Primer. It will make any surface paintable without sanding.

There are usually barstools here, but I took them to my garage to be spray painted pink and yellow. I plan on knocking that out this week so we can get them added back. You know, for a place to drink coffee. Ha!

organized-ish studio colorful kitchen coffee station

There’s also a bathroom (behind the teal door) which is under construction, and a hangout zone with a foosball table for taking breaks and letting our minds clear. This section is next up on the remodel list, and we want to make it a fun multi-use area for comfy team meetings, brain-breaks, and also plopping onto a sofa with a laptop for a more relaxed blog post creation space. The goal is for the whole team to feel comfortable here, and for it not to feel like an office. Once the rest of the studio is finished I’ll add those pics to the tour and update this post.

the organized-ish craft room organization course

Want To Know My Exact Process For Building The Perfect Craft Space?

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  1. That is a spectacular space!! So thoughtfully organized…fun…efficient…just perfect!! Can’t wait to see the rest when it’s done!

    • Brad Gandy

      Thanks, Sherri! We love working down there for sure, especially playing with the Cricut machines. 🙂 We’re always knee-deep in projects, so the whole space will be finished before you know it.

  2. How large is that room?

    • Lela Burris

      Hi! It’s actually about 800 square feet total, including the kitchen area and community workspace that’s not shown. But just the craft and office zone of the room equates to 18×12.

  3. Tracy Yost

    Is that a tiny saw for your dollhouse work? I must know what it is. Can you post a link for it? Thanks in advance. Beautiful space you’ve created.

  4. OMG! I love how you organized everything. But then you don’t want to make a mess by taking stuff out :(.
    Great idea with the legs!!!!

    • Lela Burris

      My hack for keeping it clean is to schedule in cleanup time. Then I feel ok about making a mess. So if I have two hours to work in there, I set a timer for 1 hour and forty minutes. Then when the alarm goes off I know I have 20 minutes to clean up my mess. 😁

  5. You are the luckiest girl in the whole USA
    Just sayin’

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