5 Graduation Photos You Should Take Of Your High School Senior

If you’ve got a high school senior, you are probably already charging your camera’s battery and making space on your memory card for the hundreds of pictures you’ll be taking. When the day comes, you’ll take pictures of your soon-to-be graduate getting dressed, getting in the car, walking out in the line, receiving the diploma, and after photos with every single family member and friend. All this is great and should definitely be done, but kids only graduate high school once, so why not get a little creative with the pictures. Here are five creative shots you should really take outside the normal “pose and smile” pictures.

**Hint: If your Grad can keep their cap and gown, opt for a mini-photoshoot on a different day than the graduation. You will have parties, guests, and all kinds of craziness going on so save your kid and yourself the extra stress by shooting another day.

Show off the diploma. Once your kids move away, you’ll likely never see it again. Snap a quick photo with a close-up view after the official one comes in the mail.
Focus on the tassel. This photo says so much. It shows the happiness in the graduate’s face, the year, the school colors, and the artistic drama of putting the subject in the background.

get silly
Get a little silly. Graduating high school is fun for seniors! This shot shows the graduate proudly pointing at his diploma and captures the true excitement of the accomplishment.
Highlight achievements
Highlight achievements. Did your son or daughter receive awards or recognition? Show them off! These little pins and medal will likely get lost over the years but the photo will be a constant reminder of his or her success.
celebrate with siblings
Celebrate with siblings. These fraternal twins attended different high schools but graduated the same year. This shot shows the brotherly love and pride for one another. Even if your kids aren’t graduating the same year, a sibling photo of a high five or a knuckle bump is so special for parents.


Think Outside The box
At the graduation ceremony, keep your eye out for special moments. This picture of the graduate’s classmate helping adjust his hat just melts my heart. I love it ten times more than the one of him receiving his diploma from the principal because it captures the emotion of young friendships.

I hope you are inspired to think outside the box when taking graduation pictures this year. The photos of your child standing with family and friends are great, but featuring the little things really help keep the memory alive.

Special thanks and congratulations to my “baby” brothers (pictured) who graduated last year and have just finished their first year of college. I’m sure they love all my photoshoots, but they powered through them like champs.








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