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10 Ways To Use Cricut Cosmetic Bags

Learn how to repurpose Cricut Cosmetic Bag Infusible Ink Blanks for so much more than just makeup with these 10 fun ideas.

Did you hear the news? Cricut launched some new blanks to their Infusible Ink collection, and among those newbies is a three-pack of cosmetic bags. Each pack comes with two medium sized zipper bags and one large zipper bag. I was so excited to try these out, but I knew immediately that I wouldn’t actually be using them for cosmetics. I brainstormed other uses for Cricut Cosmetic Bag Blanks, and here are ten ideas I came up with.

10 Fun Uses For Cricut Cosmetic Bag Blanks

1. First Aid Kit- Store a basic first aid kit in the medium-sized bag and keep it in your car or suitcase for on-the-go boo-boo treatment.

2. Small Game Storage- Keep handheld games, playing card decks, Pokemon cards, small puzzles, and other small toys inside. Bonus points if you let your kids help make the bag!

bullet journal storage bag with Cricut Cosmetic Bag

3. Bullet Journal Supplies- Store your pens, markers, stencils, rulers, stickers, and the rest of your journaling stash in the large bag so you can doodle and write anywhere in the house at any time.

4. Car Console Organization- That black hole of a middle console in your car is totally a hot button, huh? Instead of digging around in a cubby you can barely see into, fill the medium sized bag with all your necessities and store it in the console.

5. Feminine Products For Your Desk- It’s always awkward to open your desk, grab a tampon, slide it up your sleeve, and scurry off to the bathroom at work. Store your pads and tampons in a cute bag and leave it in your desk drawer. You can take it to the bathroom and no one will even notice.

Nerf Gun Storage Bag made with Cricut Cosmetic Bag blank

6. Nerf Gun Darts- Not only do Nerf Gun Darts end up all over the house, they typically end up all over your yard, too. Let your kids store them in a large cosmetic bag so the darts stay contained. Bonus, it’s way easier to clean them up when you have a bag to drop them into.

7. Mini Tool Kit- Whether you store it in your purse or at the office, it’s always handy to keep a small tool kit with basic tools on hand.

8. Emergency Kit- Fill a bag with emergency supplies and keep it in your car or purse, especially if you travel a lot. Start by adding hand sanitizer, baby wipes, pepper spray, a multi-tool, stain remover stick, whistle, and a flashlight, then add in anything else you may need.

9. Doggie Diaper Bag- Keep a bag of emergency dog food, a collapsible water bowl, treats, wound treatment, tick remover, and waste bags inside the large bag. It’s a great thing to take along when you go to the park or even just to brunch on the patio of your favorite bistro.

10. Coupon Storage- Turn a cosmetic bag into a coupon organizer by making homemade dividers with cardstock paper to separate your store and product coupons in categories for easy shopping.

*Bonus! Deb @beaconvalleyhome left a comment on my recent IG post and suggested that the Cricut Cosmetic Bag Blank could also be the perfect clutch. I love this idea! Add a clip-on bag embellishment to the zipper and you’ll have a cute carry-on for quick trips into town.

cricut cosmetic bag for Infusible Ink

Not a Cricut User? No Problem!

You can use ANY cosmetic bag for these ideas, no Cricut Machine or Infusible Ink necessary. Whether you buy plain bags from the craft store and decorate them with supplies you have on hand or opt for the patterned ones in the makeup aisle at Target, any cosmetic bag can be used for organizing all kinds of things.

And if you’ve been considering buying a Cricut Machine, here’s a ton of blog posts I’ve written about them for you to do some more research.

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