Lela Burris organized desk drawer with labels
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Desk Drawer Organization Labels With Cricut

I don’t know what it is about a desk drawer, but no matter how many times it gets organized, it always seems to become a big hot mess all over again in just a few weeks. You know the deal, you give everything a place in a separate little divided spot of one of those tray organizers you pick up from the office supply store. And the drawer looks so nice and neat.

But then your kid takes the tape to hang up a Do Not Enter sign on his door, and your husband needs thirty rubber bands for who-knows-what, and 14 of the 15 pens you had magically disappear. So you go parading through the house lecturing the fam on how they need to put things back after they use them.

Drawer Organization Tutorial -Before

Solution For A Messy Desk Drawer

Well joke’s on you, Mom, because they put it all back in the drawer…but not where you had them. They just piled them up in there into a big jumbled mess. And now you’re mad because they can’t put things away right. But guess what? They probably didn’t even know where the right spot was! This exact scenario happens at my house ALL. THE. TIME. 

So in an effort to put a stop to it once and for all, I broke out my Cricut Maker and made some mess-ending labels.

Lela Burris organized desk drawer with labels

DIY Cricut Desk Drawer Labels

I used an expandable cedar drawer organizer by Better Homes And Gardens that I got from Walmart for around $12.00. I ended up having to do a little dissecting and rebuilding of the organizer to make it fit my very narrow desk drawer, but aside from the minimal customization, it fit perfectly.

I secured it in place in the drawer by sticking some Command strips on the underside of the organizer to keep it from sliding around. Then I printed these cute silhouette labels in Cricut’s Design Space and transferred them onto the wood with transfer tape.

Cricut Drawer Organizer labels by Lela Burris

I saved the template in Design Space here so you can use them in your own drawer organizers, too. And if you buy the same organizer I used, you don’t even have to resize anything! Just cut and stick.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

Easy Storage Spot Reminder

Now that the labels are in the bottom, everyone in my house will know exactly where things belong. They’ll see the big giant label in the big empty cubicle and hopefully put it back. I live with boys, so I guess I can’t expect too much, but hey, I did what I could!

**Note: I did use removable vinyl for this project, mainly because I’d be able to peel off the labels and replace them if they either got damaged, written on, or need to be switched for a new image. I’m a serial rearranger, so removable vinyl is my jam.

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