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10 Perfect Font Pairings For Cricut Projects

Learn the difference between Cricut fonts and System fonts in Design Space, and see my go-to font pairings for all my projects.

I LOVE making things with my Cricut Maker, especially when the projects are super fast and easy. But what slows me down the most when I’m creating something new in Design Space that has text in it is choosing the right fonts to pair together. A project that should take me ten minutes turns into 1.5 hours, half a bottle of wine, and a few expletives that make my husband giggle at me. It should NOT take that long to find fonts that work together!

So over the course of [an embarrassing amount of] hours, I have put together a list of my top ten favorite Cricut Design Space font pairings. These will help you put together your projects so much faster, and get pro-level aesthetics even if you aren’t anywhere near Graphic Designer Status. Trust me, I’ll be referencing this exact list at least weekly, and maybe cut down on my need for wine and expletives… (I said maybe!)

10 perfect font pairings for Cricut projects

What Are Cricut Fonts?

When you first get a Cricut Maker or Explore, you’ll download Design Space during your initial setup. You’ve probably noticed that in Design Space, there are “System” fonts and “Cricut” fonts.

System Fonts

System fonts are basically like the same typical fonts you’d find in a word-processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Nothing fancy, just plain ol’ fonts. These are great for simple projects or small labels, but most Cricut users want to be like Dorinda from RHONY and make it nice.

Cricut Fonts

Cricut fonts are how you make it nice. They’re extra-styled, extra-pretty, and perfectly designed to be cut and written by your Cricut Maker or Explore. I almost always use Cricut fonts because I know they were made just for my machine.

Cricut Access For A Huge Library Of Fonts

If you have Cricut Access, you’ll get most of the fonts included in your subscription, minus branded content like Sesame Street and Disney, and special collaborations like Martha Stewart. If you don’t have Cricut Access, you’ll have to pay individually for the fonts you want to add to your library.

Cricut Access currently has over 400 fonts available and is only $9.99 a month. Sometimes you can get it even cheaper during promotions, so in my honest opinion, it’s worth having. You get a huge library of fonts and images, and even quick-make projects you don’t even have to design yourself.

Plus you get a 10% discount on any branded stuff you want to use like Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney. AND you get a 10% discount when you buy machines, accessories, tools, and supplies from That alone makes it worth it to me!

What You Need To Use Cricut Fonts & Copy My Pairings Below

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10 Best Cricut Font Pairings

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

1. Babette & Dear John

First of all, Babette is the font that I use the most when I need a script style. (It’s best known on my blog for being used as my refrigerator labels) I love how fun and chunky it is. And when you pair the simple thin lines of Dear John with it, it’s a match made in Design Space Heaven.

I prefer to use Dear John in all-caps when I pair it with Babette since it helps balance the wide nature of that font.

You can see Babette paired with Tuesday in this post, where I made an adorable grocery bag. That combo is pretty awesome as well. 🙂 The tutorial also has a video of how I turned a regular letter H into an H slash Carrot combo!

One thing to note about Babette, and any other script font, is the letters won’t be “connected” like they are in my image above. This tutorial will show you the easiest way to make your script fonts look like a handwritten cursive word.

2. Alexis Mattox + Tuesday

Another great script and simple combo is this dream team. They’re polar opposites, but just like your mama told you when your last three Tinder dates failed, “opposites attract.”

You’d likely never put these two together, but when you see them in the image above, you instantly realize they fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

Mmm, now I want a PB&J…brb, taking a lunch break! kidding…kind of…

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

3. Mustache + Felicity

This one is just SO MUCH FUN! It’s the ultimate His and Hers font combo, and I love using it to add a little whimsey to a project.

Plus, when letters grow tiny mustaches, it’s pretty much the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

4. Chipboard + Telegram Text

I love this one for kids’ projects. It’s bold, easy to read, and pairs so beautifully together. It’s the classic Bold & Big meets Short & Slim love story.

Totally sounds like a TLC special, huh?

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

5. Candice + Easton

Ohhhh girl, this one gives me goosebumps! Like, am I a graphic designer or what? (Short answer, no I am not. Cue the wham, wham, wham, sound effect.)

I’m seriously digging the chunky retro Candice font on top of the tall skinny Easton. Wanna make this even cooler in your projects? Cut Candice in Vinyl and Write Easton with a Cricut Pen.

(Then insert all the heart eye emojis. Then delete them, because that would look super weird next to your text.)

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

6. Pen And Ink + Scotch Roman

If fonts were ballgowns and tuxedos, they’d be these two. This is such a classy combo, and the two  offer just the right amount of masculinity and femininity.

This combo is the perfect font pairing for addressing envelopes for your holiday cards! Have your Cricut machine write “The [last name] Family” in Pen and Ink and their address in Scotch Roman. Then wait two days for the phone calls of admiration to roll in.

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

7. A Child’s Year + Kyden

This is the classic font combo for the stuffiest, stiffest person you know. KIDDING! I love this fun and creative vibe, and it’ll bring out the inner kiddo in everyone.

I love using this Cricut font pairing for labeling my son’s school stuff. I cut his name on Iron-On Vinyl in A Child’s Year and our phone number in Kyden. Then I can set the vinyl with my Easy Press Mini inside his backpack, lunchbox, jacket, and trapper keeper. It’s the perfect size iron to fit into small spaces like those.

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

8. Poker Night + Typewriter

Did you just imagine a vintage playbill? Yep, me too. Poker Night is my go-to for making vinyl labels, and typewriter is the perfect BFF to put beside it to break up the narrowness. (Is narrowness a word? Eh, who cares?)

If you make your own prints for wall art, this Cricut font pairing is perfect for that. Especially those super cute prints with a word and it’s very fake definition. Like “COFFEE” in Poker Night and “A beverage grown ups drink in the morning when alcohol isn’t acceptable.” in Typewriter.

BRB, gotta go make that. Right after I finish this PB&J. 😉

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

9. Annlie + Yours Truly

Ohhh girl, you fancy! This is a gorgeous feminine font pairing, and works wonders for classing up a project. I love the stencil vibe of Annlie next to the wide handwritten feel of Yours Truly. It’s the ultimate match for crafters and beauty/fashion lovers.

If you’re a blogger or product creator, I could totally see this as a website header or product logo.

best Cricut font pairings from Organized-ish by Lela Burris

10. Blippo + Nanum Myenongjo

Holy manoly, I had to type that second font three times before I got it right. I have no idea how to pronounce it, and don’t ask me to spell it from memory, but I can guarantee that Blippo doesn’t mind the weird name. Blippo probably has cute pet names for it like Nano or Nanny.

I love this for party banners and invitations because the bold Blippo grabs your attention but the classic Nanum My-na-na-na is easy to read for specific details.

cricut font cheat sheet printable

Want A Printable Reference Sheet?

Uh, YEAH YOU DO! I don’t expect you to remember all these pairings, and I sure don’t expect you to track down this blog post every time you open up Design Space, because ain’t nobody got time for that!

So I compiled these pairings, plus all my favorite most-used fonts in a Quick Reference PDF. It’s totally free to download, and you can print it and pop it up on a corkboard in your crafting area.

Grab the Cricut Font Quick Reference Cheat Sheet by dropping your email in the box below, and I’ll send it straight to your inbox. (Check your Promo folder in Gmail, sometimes it thinks I’m spam. Rude!)

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