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3 Cricut Fonts That Work With Any Project

These three easy go-to fonts in Cricut Design Space are clean, minimal, easy to weed, and work with any type of project. They take all the time and guesswork out of picking fonts.

Raise your hand if the hardest part about making Cricut projects is picking a font. I see you waving both hands in both agreement and anxiety because even the word ‘font’ is making you stress out a little. You may have already downloaded my font guide, found a few faves, and narrowed down your list. But between Design Space fonts constantly getting added and removed, how the heck are you supposed to keep up?

best cricut fonts for beginners

If you just need some labels or a quick, clear font for a fast project, searching that list can slow you down majorly. So today I want to share with you my top three go-to fonts that work for any project. Big or small, vinyl or htv, solid or pattern, doesn’t matter. These three superheroes are easy to weed, easy to read, and pair with anything. ( I wish I could’ve thought of one more rhyming word to top that off!)

best cricut fonts for easy projects

Best Cricut Font #1: FUTURA

Futura is my new number one pick. I did have a different fave, but it was removed from Design Space and Futura is the closest cousin I can find to my old bestie font. Futura is the font I recommend to most beginners because it’s so easy to weed, but that’s not the only reason I love it. Futura is perfect for making labels and looks great when it’s cut big or small. You can use it on large containers or tiny spice jars.

best fonts for Cricut beginners

Best Cricut Font #2: TYPEWRITER

In second place is the Typewriter font. There are a few variations of it in Design Space, but I like the classic one the best. Typewriter font is the perfect mix of vintage and modern and is a classic choice for literally anything you’re making. It’s great for iron-ons, labels, stickers, and everything in between. Typewriter adds a touch of class and a lot of fun to a Cricut project.

best cricut fonts for beginners

Best Cricut Font #3: CRICUT SANS

Good ol’ classic Cricut Sans comes in third place in my best Cricut fonts list. Cricut Sans is the default font that comes up when you add a text box in a new Design Space project, and for good reason. It’s basically the Ariel of the Cricut font world. Cricut Sans is timeless, ageless, and easy to read, making it the perfect default font. When in doubt next time you’re looking for a font, just keep the Cricut Sans that comes up. You can’t go wrong with it.

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Want To Expand Past These Three Fonts?

I got you girl! I created a Cricut Font Guide that breaks down the top fonts for all kinds of projects like labels, kids’ room projects, and even script fonts. Plus I share the perfect pairings when you need two at a time. You can download the Cricut Font Guide for free by dropping your email below. I’ll send it straight to you!

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