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Top 4 Cricut Joy Insert Card Tips

Learn a few hacks and tricks to make working with Cricut Joy Insert Card Kits easier and faster than ever.

Raise your hand if you love getting a handmade card in the mail. Yep, I see your hand high, and mine is up too. There’s just something so special about a handmade card that makes a store-bought version seem almost pointless.

Over the years, people have stopped sending handmade cards, mostly because they take SO MUCH TIME to create. But when I got my Cricut Joy, all that changed with the Cricut Insert Card Kits.

If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re basically a package of ten blank cards, ten envelopes, and ten little cardstock rectangles. Pair this kit with your Cricut Joy machine and your Cricut app, and you can have GORGEOUS homemade cards in less than three minutes.

Everyone has been loving these card kits since they launched in early 2020, but they do take a little getting used to. So today I want to share 4 tips on how to work with the paper and the card mat so you get beautiful, seamless cuts and pull off any card design like a pro.

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Tip 1. Dull Blades Make Crappy Cards

If you bought a Cricut Joy back in March and you haven’t changed the blade yet, you’re probably frustrated with some not-so-great cuts on your cards. The cards are made of thicker cardstock and a lot of the designs have super thin, intricate, and tiny shapes to cut out.

If you’re noticing that your cut lines are starting to drag a little (not a crisp clean cut line) it’s probably time to change your blade. I like to keep an extra one on hand as my backup at all times. That way I don’t have to stop mid-project because my cuts are starting to look inconsistent.

Tip 2. Regularly Clean Your Card Mat

The key to a perfectly cut card design is using the Cricut Card Mat correctly. This mat will make or break your entire project, so it’s really important to take care of it.

Make sure you always cover it with it’s plastic sheet when not in use, and clean the mat every 3-5 times you use it. Some people like to clean their mat with baby wipes and that works well. Cricut recommends cleaning with warm water only.

You’ve probably seen articles online that say to clean with Dawn Dish Soap. Please don’t do this! While it will clean your mat, it causes the stickiness to break down faster.

Tip 3. It Will Always Write Before Cutting

I guarantee you’ve ruined a card and had to start over because your Joy cut the draw lines at least once. Even though the pen prompt comes up on the screen, it’s not super noticeable and can easily be forgotten or missed.

So here is your quick reminder/verification that if you’re using a design that has drawn and cut features, Joy will always draw first.

easy Cricut Joy birthday card

Tip 4. Keep A Roll Of Double Sided Tape On Hand

When you’re making a design that has lots of intricate cuts, sometimes your card will pull away from the insert piece like a little air pocket. Having that bowed out gap makes your card look less finished.

I like to keep a roll of double sided tape on hand with my Cricut Joy card making supplies, and if that happens, I just add a few small pieces of the tape in between the card and the insert to keep it together.

Want To Learn To Make A Card Step By Step?

This blog post has you covered on exactly how to make your first Cricut Joy Insert Card, from start to finish, and I even show you how you can use the Joy to address the envelope, too.


  1. Alisha Brockwell

    How long exactly does a card mat last? Would it not get so cut up that other cut do not work? Sorry if this is a stupid question just new.

    • Lela Burris

      Not a stupid question at all! So far I have probably made about 60 cards on one mat and it’s just now starting to get a little less sticky. But the cuts won’t damage it at all. You’ll get a lot of life out of your card mat. I like to have two on hand all the time though, because it’s faster to have one loaded and ready while the other is being cut when I’m making a bunch at one time.

  2. Great tips! I love so many of the new card designs, especially that whale! I haven’t made many since the beginning of the year, so I’m excited for the holidays to get me back to it!

    • Brad - Admin

      Thanks, Megan! The whale is actually Lela’s favorite too. Mine is the goat, but they’re all fun, and your holiday cards are about to be unbelievable. They’re so much faster and more personalized this way.

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