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10 Thank You Cards You Should Be Sending This Summer

Make time this summer to send out these ten greeting cards to the most important people who make your life easier, happier, and more organized.

Remember back before emails and text messages when getting a card in the mail was the greatest feeling ever? Someone took time out of their day to pick out a card (or even make it themselves!), hand-write a note, seal it in an envelope, write your address on the front, attach a stamp, and walk it out to the mailbox and raise that cute little red flag. Is the nostalgia kicking in? Good. Because today I want to encourage you to bring it back for realsies.

We all get so busy in the summertime. And being busy means we get so caught up in all that we have going on that we forget to say thank you to the people who make our summer days for fun and streamlined. There are so many hardworking people that show up every day to make your life easier, and it would make their day, or maybe their whole year, if you gave them a card.

I broke out my Cricut Joy, cranked up some summery music, and made these ten cards using Cricut Joy Insert Card Kits to send out to the people that make my summer more magical. Whether you have a Cricut Joy, too, or you prefer to buy or make your cards, I’m inviting you to join the movement and send cards to these ten daily life rockstars.

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1. Mail Carrier

My mail carrier is a total superhero. His route is long, he works 12-15 hour days, and drags my abundance of Amazon purchases up to the porch at 8:30pm even when he’s running behind. You might not even think about how hard your mail carriers work, but they’re all shorthanded right now, working overtime, oh and btw, it’s HOT in the summertime. Show your postal service carrier some love with a card, a bottle of water, and a yummy snack.

Supplies Used For Mail Carrier Card:

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2. Takeout Drivers

Who else relies on takeout drivers to feed your family on a busy night when you don’t have time to cook? My hand is up high! These peeps are sitting in drive throughs for you, waiting in lines, and bringing you food while you’re in your comfies. Next time you order food, greet them with a card and a gift card to a local coffee shop. (Don’t forget to tip, too!) They’ll be so grateful!

Supplies Used For Takeout Driver Card:

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3. Package Delivery Drivers

These ladies and dudes deserve a thousand cards a day. We live in a time when we can order a 16 foot ladder, a sofa, and a solid oak dining table online and have it shipped straight to your door. But with that convenience comes a delivery driver that is unloading that massive box and lugging it to your porch. On your next scheduled delivery day, leave a small basket out for your delivery person with a thank you card, a sports drink, and a protein bar to help them power through the day.

Supplies Used For Package Delivery Card:

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4. Trash Pickup Drivers

With all those package deliveries comes a lot of boxes and trash. In the summertime, your waste removal providers are riding in a hot truck, stopping from house to house picking up heavy trash cans and dumping them into a big pile of stink. If anyone deserves a thank you card, it’s your trash people! Another way to say thank you to your trash company is to clean your can regularly to help them avoid the gag factor. 😉

Supplies Used For Trash Pickup Driver Card:

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5. Your Kid’s Favorite Teacher

Now that school is out for the summer, teachers are in a much-deserved vacation mode. It’s no secret that teaching is such a rewarding job, but it’s also a very stressful one. A lot of teachers spend their summers planning for the next school year, and some work second jobs during those months to supplement their income. Let your kids send thank you cards to the teacher that impacted their year the most and totally make her cry happy tears.

Not sure where to send the card? Find her on social media and ask where you can send a special gift from your kids.

Supplies Used For Favorite Teacher Card:

best friend card Cricut Joy

6. A Far-Away Friend

My very best friend lives in Arizona and I’m in Tennessee, so we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. But any time one of us needs to talk, work through something, or just share a funny story, the other makes time to listen on the phone. Surprise a far-away friend with a fun card in the mail to let them know you appreicate them.

Supplies Used For Far Away Friend Card:

you're my favorite card Cricut Joy

7. Your Favorite Service Provider

We all have that favorite person at our favorite place. It could be the server at a restaurant that has the funniest one-liners. Or the barista that remembers your order and starts making it as soon as you walk into the coffee shop. Or maybe it’s the cashier at the home improvement store that follows you on Instagram to see how your projects turn out.

Stores and restaurants are busier in the summer and a surprise card will make their shift much happier. Next time you stop in for a visit, slip them a thank you card for being awesome and tell them to open it on their break.

Supplies Used For Favorite Service Provider Card:

fathers day card Cricut Joy

8. Dad, Stepdad, Grandfather, or Someone Else’s Dad Who Inspires You

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while you may already have plans to send your own dad and grandfather a card, don’t forget about the other Dads in your life.

Maybe your best friend’s dad treated you like his own throughout your childhood. Or maybe the father you make jokes with at the playground deserves some appreciation for making your weekly visits more fun. Thank a dad for being awesome with a fun card that suits his personality.

Supplies Used For Father’s Day Card:

celebrate balloons holographic card Cricut Joy

9. Someone Who Helped You Achieve Something

We all get a little caught up in our own stuff sometimes, especially in the summertime. In the midst of our crazy schedules, busy work days, and increased errands, we forget to show appreciation for people who helped us reach our goals.

Did you receive a promotion recently? There was probably a coworker that kept you motivated. Did you rock your New Year’s Resolution for the first half of the year? I’m sure there’s someone that played a part in helping you stay on track. Say thanks to someone who helped you make big things happen by celebrating with them with a card and a sweet note.

Supplies Used For Celebration Card:

rose card Cricut Joy

10. A Complete Stranger

You know how you always get really happy when someone gives you a card out of the blue? Multiply that feeling times ten, and that’s how it would feel to get a card from a stranger. You never know what people are going through, and we could all use a little kindness in our lives.

Next time you’re buying coffee in the drive-through line, pay for the car behind you and slip a handmade card with a nice quote written inside to the cashier to give to them. No need to write your name, just sign it as “a fellow human.” You’ll make their day.

Supplies Used For Everyday Rose Card:

New To Cricut Joy Insert Card Kits?

Ever since I got my Cricut Joy, I haven’t bought a greeting card from a store at all. The Insert Card Kits from Cricut are so fast and easy, and look way better than a store-bought card. Plus people always love to get something you made yourself. If you are new to Cricut Joy Insert Card Kits, or curious about how I made all the cards above, here’s a tutorial that breaks down exactly how the Cricut Joy cards work. And here’s a bonus post with my top four tips to make seamless Cricut Joy Insert Cards and hacks for common problems during the process.

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