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5 Cricut Maker Storage Compartment Layout Ideas

Get ideas for what to store inside your Cricut Maker top and front door storage compartments based on your crafting habits and hobbies.

You may have discovered the hidden storage compartment in the front door of your Cricut Maker, and you might have experimented with keeping various tools and supplies inside. If you haven’t nailed down a storage method for this compartment yet, or if you want to make your Cricut Maker crafting sessions more efficient for specific hobbies, here are five storage layouts based on your needs and project styles.

how to use cricut maker storage compartments

Basic Tool Storage Layout

This is the classic layout most Cricut Maker beginners use. When you’re first starting out, you don’t have a lot of tools or accessories, so keeping your basic tool set in the storage compartments makes the most sense. Keep your scissors, tweezers, spatula, and weeding tool inside the front door large compartment. The scraper goes in the middle slot, additional blade housings and blades on the left side.

The deep top compartment hold a the Cricut pen your Maker came with, a utility knife like the Cricut TrueControl knife, your go-to weeding tool, and the Cricut Scoring Stylus. And the shallow top compartment holds your Cricut blades with large housings.

cricut maker storage ideas for paper crafting

Paper Crafter Layout

If you primarily use your Cricut Maker for paper crafting, you have different tools, supplies, and needs than someone who uses their Maker for vinyl projects. This layout is designed specifically for paper crafters because it keeps all your essentials in one place together.

The top deep compartment holds your scissors, scoring stylus, TrueControl Knife, piercing tool, and quilling tool. The shallow compartment holds paper-specific drive housings like the scoring wheel, perforation blade, and wavy blade.

The front door compartment holds Cricut pens and markers in the large slot, a scraper or distressing tool in the middle slot, TrueControl Knife blades and portable trimmer replacements on the top left, and replacement Maker blades on the magnetic strip.

cricut maker storage ideas for htv and Infusible Ink supplies

HTV And Infusible Ink Layout

If you make a lot of iron-on projects using HTV or Infusible Ink products, this layout is for you. The top cups hold your basic tool set and extra drive housings, just like the paper crafting layout. But the front door compartment is where things get specific.

On the right side of the front door, you’ll store a stash of Cricut Infusible Ink markers. In the middle, a small scraper and heat resistant tape. On the left side, you’ll store a microfiber cloth and alcohol wipes for wiping down base materials, and extra blades and portable trimmer replacements in the magnetic strip pocket.

cricut maker storage for sewing tools and supplies

Sewing And Fabric Layout

If you use your Cricut Maker for cutting fabric patterns and other sewing projects, this layout will make your process more streamlined by having everything you need all in one place. The deep top compartment will hold fabric scissors, a spatula, a washable fabric pen, and a rotary cutter. The shallow top compartment holds a small pin cushion and pins.

Inside the front door compartment, you’ll store all your sewing hand tools and small accessories. If you store more pins or other sharp and pointy objects inside these pockets, make sure to put them in a hardshell case with a tight clasp. Even though the front door seals with strong magnets, it is possible that a tiny needle can sneak out, which can cause injury to your hands or feet.

cricut maker tool storage

Gadget-Lover Layout

For those who love all the Cricut gadgets and buy every single one that you can get your hands on, the storage compartments inside the Maker are great for your miscellaneous items. You can store all your blade replacements in the front door section and specialty tools in the top compartments.

Since you’re a gadget lover, you’ve probably already got the Machine Tool Organizer so you don’t need to store your blades and housings in your Maker. That frees up space in the smaller slots for little items that otherwise wouldn’t have fit.

what to put in cricut maker hidden storage compartment

Learn More About The Cricut Maker Compartments

Want a full tour of the Cricut Maker compartments and what they do? This post for Cricut Maker beginners walks you through the features of the Cricut Maker top and front door compartments and how they work. It breaks down the basics and gives you a visual guide of how and why these storage pockets are great for your Cricut supplies. And this post shows you how I use a rolling cart to store all my other Cricut supplies that don’t fit inside the Maker.

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