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Cricut Newbie Starter Shopping List

If you just got a new Cricut machine and have no idea what tools, supplies, and materials to buy to get started, this shopping list helps you skip all the guesswork.

Did you just score a new Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, or Joy recently? OMG Yay! But if your new machine happy dance quickly turned into an overwhelmed panic, I totally get you. I was that way too. The excitement of a crafting superhero started to fade away when I realized I had no idea how to use this thing, no idea what accessories and materials I needed, and no idea how to even set it up and get started. Honestly, I was a little scared just to open the box.

So now that I’ve gotten comfortable with all three Cricut machines over the years, I want to help you kick off your first Cricut projects without the scary feeling that you’re going to break your expensive new BFF. In this new Cricut Beginner Series, each blog post will give you the confidence to level up your crafting game and become a Cricut pro in no time. Today we will begin with the very basic info. What the heck should you buy just to get started?

Lela Burris shares Cricut tips for Maker, Explore Air 2, and Joy

Don’t Make This Cricut Beginner Mistake

The biggest mistake I see Cricut beginners make is wasting a lot of money on things they’ll either never use or aren’t experienced enough yet to work with. Between throwing money away on these products and the feeling of failure can make you instantly regret your Cricut machine investment and prevent you from even wanting to use it again.

That’s why I want to start this beginner series with the basics you should buy as an absolute beginner. I highly suggest that you don’t stray too far from this list, because the items are affordable, easy to use, and versatile. As you become more comfortable with your Cricut abilities, feel free to experiment with new things, but for now, pretend like you’re grocery shopping and just stick to the list.

I made you a few shopping lists to choose from based on your goals for your Cricut, so scroll through and choose the one that best suits your needs, add them to your craft store shopping list (or use the shoppable links), and start filling your cart with these essentials.

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Cricut Beginner Shopping Lists Based On Your Crafting Goals

To help you narrow down which shopping list is best for you, I want you to think back to when you ordered your Cricut machine. (If you haven’t ordered one yet, think about why you want to get one) When you hit that checkout button, what were you envisioning you’d make with it?

Did you have goals of labeling your entire house with Pinterest-worthy organizers? Were you excited about making handmade cards to mail out this holiday season? Were you giddy about making adorable shirts for your daughter? What was your initial goal for using the machine? Use that vision to choose the right list below.

cricut tool organizer caddy with Cricut Cuties

Cricut Starter Supply List For Vinyl Crafting

Plan on making cute signs, decals, labels, and home decor using either permanent or removable vinyl? This list is for you, and will have you customizing your home in no time.

Essential Must-Haves:

Optional Add-Ons:

*Newbie Tip: In the craft aisle you’ll see regular vinyl in rolls and Smart Vinyl in boxes. Smart Vinyl is for use with the Cricut Joy machine. If you have a Maker or Explore Air 2, go with regular vinyl. And take note on the package if the vinyl is removable or permanent. For beginners, I suggest only using removable.

Cricut Starter Supply List For HTV/Iron-On Crafting

Do you dream of making your own t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, and even wooden signs? The Iron-On Shopping List is where you should start.

Must-Have Essentials:

Optional Add-Ons:

*Pro Tip: I don’t suggest starting with Cricut Infusible Ink yet. It’s a little trickier to use and requires a tad more skill. I suggest starting with regular iron-on vinyl, then graduating to Infusible Ink when you’re more comfortable with the process.

Lela Burris organized desk drawer with labels

Cricut Starter Supply List For Home Organizing

Dreaming of a magazine-worthy pantry with gorgeous scripted labels on clear containers? Up your label game with this shopping list.

Essential Must-Haves:

Optional Add-Ons:

*Label Making Tip: Cricut Joy has a special line of products called Smart Labels™. These include vinyl you can write on that won’t smear, sticky-backed Kraft paper, and sticker sheets. Even though they say they’re only for Cricut Joy, you can actually use them with any machine as long as you put them on a mat. Use writeable vinyl on a Standard Grip Mat and sticker paper on a Light Grip Mat.

Cricut Starter Supply List For Paper Crafting

Have you been drooling over paper flowers, homemade planner stickers, and pop-up greeting cards? The Paper Crafting Shopping List is your go-to beginner guide.

Must-Have Essentials:

Optional Add-Ons:

Paper Crafting Tip: Cricut used to sell a paper crafting tool set that had a great quilling tool. They have since discontinued this set, but I highly recommend buying some kind of paper crafting tool kit for making paper flowers and cards. Here’s one I really like and it’s super affordable.)

Cricut Starter Supply List For Fabric And Needlework

Tired of cutting out a hundred triangles for your latest quilting project? If you’re planning to use your new Cricut machine for cutting fabric templates, this list is made just for you.

Must-Have Essentials

Optional Add-Ons

*Fabric Cutting Tip For Cricut Maker Users: The Washable Fabric Pen sold by Cricut can fit inside the Maker’s pen holder and can draw your hand-cut lines for you. This is really helpful if you want to cut out your templates by hand or if you want to remind yourself to cut something later. It’s also really handy if you create partially-made fabric templates to sell, so your customers know exactly what and where to cut.

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Cricut Starter Supply List For Teachers And Homeschooling

Want to up your classroom game by making awesome colorful decor and creative kids’ projects? If you’re a teacher or homeschooler, here’s where you should start.

Must-Have Essentials:

Optional Add-Ons:

*Pro Tip For Teachers: Always use removable vinyl in the classroom to allow for easy and damage-free decor changes. Make sure you verify that the vinyl roll packaging says removable (not permanent) before purchasing. The permanent can be removed but it leaves a hard-to-clean residue that takes hours to clean off.

Cricut Joy Starter Supply List For Card Making

If you bought a Cricut Joy specifically because of the card making functionality, this list will get you stocked up to send some amazing happy mail in no time.

Must-Have Essentials:

Optional Add-Ons:

*Pro Tip For Cricut Joy Cardmaking: This post walks you through the exact process for making Cricut Insert Cards.

explore in box

Next Up In The Cricut Beginner Series

Now that you’ve got your list of supplies and materials in hand and you’re stocking up to make your first few projects, the next step in our Cricut Beginner Series is how to open up the box your new Cricut machine is hanging out inside and set it up.

We’ll talk about what comes in the box, how to create a Design Space account, how to connect your machine to your computer or phone, and how to do a small, easy test project. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. This is coming in two weeks, so make sure you sign up for weekly email updates so you don’t miss it!

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