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Ask Lela: Morning And Evening Routines

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“I’ve read countless Instagram posts of yours talking about morning and evening routines, but I’m still struggling to put one together that sticks. Would you be willing to share your own personal routines as an example?”

        -[Private Instagram User]

My Morning and Evening Routine

Yes, routines are the bread and butter of what defines a person as organized or disorganized. You can bring in an Organizer like me to redo your whole house, but unless you have daily routines, it’s going to fall apart as fast as it was put together. I love this question I received on Instagram, and I’m so happy to share my specific routines. Please just keep in mind that organization is never a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s so unique to a person, so you can use mine as a template to get inspiration, but know that copying it exactly will likely not work for you at all.

how lela burris spends every morning and evening

My Morning Routine

First things first: I wake up around 6am, usually, but my schedule changes often so sometimes I get up earlier or later based on my schedule.

I head straight to the main living area and open all the blinds. Doesn’t matter if it’s still dark out or not. I love seeing the sunrise through the blinds in the morning.

Then I go straight to the coffee maker to get it prepped for brewing.

While the coffee brews, I take Winston out to use the bathroom, then I unload the dishwasher.

Then I grab my first (of a few) cup of coffee and turn on Good Morning America. (Yesterday’s GMA, actually, because we have Hulu but we don’t have live tv)

While I sip my coffee and watch the news, I also look over my planner.

After the news is over, I head to the bathroom to get myself ready for the day.

Then I pack up some breakfast and lunch to go, pour what’s left of the coffee into a travel mug, pop my planner into my purse, and head to the door.

Before I go out the door to work, I literally say out loud: “Phone, key, key, computer, glasses, wallet” and I touch each one of those things to make sure I’ve got it. (Even an organizer can be forgetful!)

lela burris evening routine

My Evening Routine

After dinner has been cleaned up, I do my daily cleaning schedule task. (If we didn’t cook dinner that night, I will still wipe down the countertops. I do this every evening, no matter what.)

While I’m lounging with my family and winding down for the day, I knock out a 5 Minute Declutter.

While Noah (my son) is showering and getting ready for bed, I pick up any out of place items and close all the blinds.

I also check my planner, jot down any to-do’s for tomorrow, and leave the planner open next to the coffee maker.

After Noah has gone to bed, I take my shower, get myself ready for bed, then turn on the dishwasher (if needed). I also take the dog out every night at 10:30 on the dot.

Finally, I do my ridiculous bedtime routine that annoys the crap out of my husband (close all the shower curtains, flip the bath rugs up, turn on all the fans, close toilet lids, turn down the bedding in a very particular way…yeah, he says I’m crazy…) and I read or do a brain game in bed until 11pm. Then it’s light’s out and bedtime.

lela burris morning routine

My Sunday Routine

On Sundays, I add in a few extra things to my evening routine.

I look over my planner, add in errands and to-dos, jot down notes, and see if there are any birthdays or special events coming up in the next few weeks. If so, I make a note to buy a card, and another note on the day I need to mail the card so it will arrive on time.

Then I check my grocery supplies, pet supplies, toiletries, and any other daily needs to make sure we’re stocked up. If something is low and can’t wait until my next shopping trip, I make a note in my planner to pick that up on my way home from work.

I go through our mail station and either file, deal with, or throw away any mail there. If bills are due, I go ahead and take care of them. If something needs to be filed, I take it to the filing cabinet. And if it’s no longer needed, I trash it. I try not to let my mail station stay stagnant for more than a week.

I also empty any old leftover containers in the fridge. (I used to have a bad habit of just letting them hang out in the back of the fridge for waaaaay too long…)

lela burris morning routines

Ready To Build Your Own Routines?

Here’s all the info you need for building morning and evening routines, and why it’s super important to get these habits in place.

You can also grab my free routine planning guided worksheet to help you put together your daily routines, all in one place. Just pop your email address below and I’ll send it straight to ya!

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  1. Morning ritual are super important and really helpful it set the passe towards the day, I loved my coffee but the first rule I have starting a day is not to use my phone or any digital objects and even my schedule until I finished the breakfast, after that I start with the schedule and ended with the emails… thanks for sharing your I think I can adopt some as I forget things usually… 😀

    • Lela Burris

      I’m so glad that was helpful for you Mike. And I love that you have a rule of no digital items until after breakfast. That’s such a great way to start the day!

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