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3 DIY Bookmark Crafts That Cost Nothing To Make

I’m going to be straight up honest with you, mm-kay? I can’t stand it when people dog-ear book pages. A magazine? Sure, that’s fine and dandy. But an actual book with folded down pages drives me up the wall. I mean, come on people, mark your spot with a bookmark! But with all the cool bookmarks available, for the last two years I’ve been using a junk mail postcard. Shhh, don’t tell anyone… But recently I took a book with me to Starbucks and realized I was kind of embarrassed to put my junk mail place-holder on the table while I read, and at that point I knew I needed a better bookmark.

While I wanted something pretty, I was not about to spend money on something that’s sole job was to sit between two pieces of paper. So I went home, dumped out my box of leftover project scraps, and reverted back to second grade art class. I ended up making three different bookmarks (well, I kind of made 6, but 4 are just variations of one) and since then, I’ve been using them all. And spoiler alert, last time I was at Starbucks FIVE people complimented my bookmark. Yeah…that brought on a little Kanye ego when I said “thanks, I made it myself.”

Ribbon And Beads

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Just a few strands of leftover ribbon, two wooden beads, and a knot on each end. It takes a whole minute and a half to finish, but it looks like something you’d spend ten dollars on at a cool downtown boho shop.

I definitely plan on making more of these in all different colors and sizes, and I’ll put them inside all my books on display. It looks so “styled” to see books with cute ribbons and beads hanging from inside the pages. Instant decorating hack!

Denim And Eyelets

Of course I can’t do a DIY without denim, right? I had some of this leftover denim fabric hanging around (and by leftover, I mean, always in stock) so I trimmed it to an average book size plus an additional four inches for overhang.  I put two strips of the denim together (for thickness and stability) and connected them on each end with a metal eyelet.

Random story break: I bought an eyelet kit from a home shopping television network a looooonnng time ago. Back when you had to call to order. There was no online ordering system. And the tool I used to make this bookmark is the exact same tool I bought way back then. That thing will probably outlive me, and oddly enough, they still sell it now!

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Paint Samples And Ribbon

Again, super easy and super free. This is just two paint sample strips glued back to back so both sides look the same. Then I just punched a hole and added some ribbon. I really love this option because you can get so creative with the outcome. You can make short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, fat ones, cut out designs, and do all kinds of fun embellishments.

I had quite a few paint sample cards on hand so I went a little crazy and made three more, just for fun. I can safely say that all of them are in use right now. So way to go me for keeping these paint chips out of the trash!

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Get Creative!

Have you made any of your own bookmarks lately? I’d love to hear your ideas and past projects!

Drop your best bookmark craft tips in the comments below, and tag a photo of your own creations on Instagram with @lelaburris so I can see them!


  1. I love ALL of them! Truly, such great ideas!!! And they make for totally cute, stylish statement pieces, too!

    • Lela Burris

      Thank you so much! I’ve made quite a few more since posting about them and I’m having so much fun getting creative with them!

  2. Great idea!I think these DIY bookmarks are very impressive and fabulous!

  3. This is such a cute idea! My daughter loves books, I’m sure we could make one of these bookmarks together 🙂 Thanks for sharing Lela!

    • Lela Burris

      You’re so welcome! I think that would be such a fun project to do together! She’s going to love that!

  4. I love your ideas for bookmarks. I am going to lowes and get a collection of paint cards. I want to make one for each of my students.

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