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DIY Paint Sample Valentines

Remember back in elementary school when you had to buy Valentine cards for the whole class?

And you went to the store with your Mom and picked out your favorite box with your favorite characters?

And you didn’t even care that half of your class were boys and they may not be as into Spottie Dottie as you are?

And the day before Valentine’s Day during art class, everyone made paper bag “mailboxes” to use the next day?

Use a heart shaped punch to make Valentine cards with free paint samples

You’d spend hours looking through the different sayings on the cards so you could match them up with your best friends and crushes.

Your three best friends got the “You’re the coolest, best buddy” card.

The boy you liked got the very special “Be my Valentine” card.

And the kid in the back of the room that you didn’t know very well got the generic “Happy Valentine’s Day” card.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Addressing the perfect card for each classmate took a lot of thought and care.

You couldn’t just go sending “XOXO” to the boy who picks his nose in the front row.

Paint Chip samples turned Valentine Card

But now times have changed and we’re grown ups.

We can’t just drop off a Spongebob card the size of your thumb to the people you love.

Well, I guess you could, but I assume you want to do something a little more personal.

But those cards from the store are pretty cheesy.

And handmade cards cost quite a bit in supplies.

Paint Chip Valentines Cheap and Easy Project

While I was picking out paint colors for my son’s room last week, I noticed all the reds and pinks and had a great idea.

I have a little heart-shaped puncher-thingy at home.

Not sure of the technical term.

You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, these paint samples would make perfect little hearts.

And they’re FREE!

Paint Chip Valentine Craft Project

I really liked how I could make some of them one solid color and others split between two shades.

The options are endless.

You can glue them on some thick cardstock in whatever shape, pattern, or design you’d like.

And you can write whatever funny, cheesy, or mushy message you want.

I just used a Sharpie and some bakers twine to embellish the cards because I’m a fan of simplicity, but you can use anything you’d like.

Total cost: $0.00.


That is the best kind of craft project, I think.

paint chip valentine craft photobombed by Anakin

Oh and P.S.: If you’re wondering if Anakin is still photobombing my shoots…

The answer is yes.

Every. Single. One.

**Please be respectful to stores and only pick up a few paint samples. Although they are free, be sure to leave some behind in case someone wants to paint their bedroom Watermelon Pink or Fire Engine Red.

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  1. What a cute idea! I love how these turned out.

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