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Turn A Cube Shelf Into A Pet Feeding Station

Learn how to turn a cube shelving unit into a pet feeding station in just an hour and on a minimal budget to store all your pet’s supplies and give them their own divided dining spaces.

Welcome to the very first ever Quick Win Friday! Every Friday I’ll be sharing a quick and easy project you can do in an hour or less to get your home and life more Organized-ish.

Today I’m showing you how I turned an old 12-cube cubby shelf I had in my laundry room into a fancy schmancy pet feeding station for my kitties. And you guessed it, it took me less than an hour. I know you’ve got one of these cube shelving units hanging around your house that isn’t living up to its full potential, so pull it out, wipe it down, and let’s make a cat dining room your furry babies will want to brag about to the neighbors.

old cube shelving epicycle
Cube shelving “before”

Supplies Needed For Cube Shelving Pet Feeding Station

diy pet feeding station with old cube shelving

How To Repurpose Cube Shelving Into A Pet Feeding Zone

  1. Wipe down the cube shelving unit, place it where you want it to be, and secure it to the wall using safety brackets.
  2. Cut washable non-adhesive shelf liner to fit inside the bottom cubbies.
  3. Attach the shelf liners to the bottom cubbies using repositionable museum gel dots.
  4. Fill containers and bins with pet clothing, grooming tools, treats, extra toys, and other pet supplies.
  5. Add your pets’ food bowls into the bottom cubbies.
shelf liner for cat food storage

Why Use Non-Adhesive Shelf Liners?

I used the non-adhesive shelf liners because they are washable and removable. They protect the surface of your cube shelving unit from accidental water spills or food messes, and give the bowls a nonslip surface to sit on so they don’t slide around as much.

To secure them in place, the museum gel dots are perfect because you can reposition and reuse them any time you need to remove the liner to wash it. If you had used adhesive Contact paper, you would have to tear it up and replace it with fresh paper every time it got wet or dirty. Plus it would leave residue on the bottom of the cubby.

Tour My Laundry Room+Cat Room Combo Here

cat feeding area in laundry room by Lela Burris

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