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DIY Rolling Desk In 5 Minutes

Unexpectedly working from home but don’t have a home office? Instead of taking over your dining room or coffee table, grab a three-tiered cart that you already own to create a temporary workspace with a DIY rolling desk in five minutes or less.

You can roll it to the sofa, dining table, or even your bed, and you can roll it back to a corner when not in use.  It’s also great for kids to use for homework! I hopped on IGTV to show you how I’m currently working at home with this setup.

snacks for rolling home office


My DIY Rolling Desk In Action


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diy rolling office


  1. Snacks and calendars
  2. Binders and notebooks
  3. Office supplies and chargers
  4. Cutting board on top

For another fun project with supplies you already own, turn disinfectant wipe containers into craft storage. Let us know what you’re doing to make such an uncertain time more Organized*ish too!



  1. Where did you get the cart?

  2. Sandra gandy

    I love the rolling table, and the wipe containers. Both ideas would be great to use in my classroom.

    • Brad - Admin

      Absolutely! The rolling cart is great for when a teacher needs to change seating arrangements, and the wipe containers could even be a class project where your students choose the look of them. I’m glad we could help.

  3. Okay.. I think I might need this also… thanks for sharing time to make myself a rolling table 😉

    • Brad - Admin

      You’re so welcome. I think we all need one of these! Quick, easy, and functional is never a bad combination.

      • Jennifer Roath

        Hiyyee, love this idea. How did your attach the top to the cart??

        • Brad Gandy

          Hi, Jennifer! We didn’t attach it. It’s to be used as a temporary top, so you place the cutting board right on top after positioning the cart. If you want something permanent, Michaels sells carts and a topper that fits perfectly into place.

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