DIY Projects Twelve Days Of Christmas

DIY Scrabble Ornament

Day 4: Scrabble Tile Ornaments

It’s December, y’all! I am SO excited! My son and I love making crafts and homemade ornaments. It’s one of our favorite things about the holidays.

Last year I shared this super easy ornament made with Scrabble Tiles and it was such a hit that I wanted to share again with all my new friends.

Scrabble Tiles

This ornament is so versatile and you can customize it to any shape and size.

Start with some scrabble tiles. I bought my tiles here but you can get replacement letters from a lot of stores, too.

Lay out your design

Lay out your design on a few sheets of newspaper.

You can use names like I did or you can make any words you’d like. I think holiday words would be really cute, also.

Hot glue pieces together

Use a hot glue gun, or super glue if you don’t have one, to attach the pieces together.

(Note to self, a year ago I loved that eggplant color of nail polish. This year, I see that it wasn’t such a good idea.)

Let pieces dry

Let each row dry before attaching them all together.

Try to keep the edges that have glue on them away from the newspaper because it will pull the ink from the paper onto the glue.

Trust me. I learned from experience.

Attach together

Attach them all together and glue on a short strand of jute string to hang it from the tree.

Or ribbon if you want to get fancy.

It’s funny how I think ribbon is fancy.

scrabble on tree

Ta-Da! Finished in twenty minutes. And the tile pack comes with 100 letters so don’t stop at just one ornament.

This is a great gift to make for grandparents or newlyweds.

And you can also use the extra letters to embellish picture frames and photo boxes.

Do you make homemade ornaments? And if you do, what are your favorites?

I need more ideas!


  1. Simple and a great way to spend time with kids.

  2. thanks Lela. such a clever idea. I would like for my students to make one for their family trees.

  3. Such a good idea– I will hang one on my tree!!
    This craft really would be good for any occasion, too!

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