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DIY Tissue Paper Fall Wreath

Fall kids craft DIY tissue paper wreath

Originally Published September 21, 2015

Looking for something to do with the kiddos this week? This is such a fun and easy fall craft that is really inexpensive. My son came up with the idea of making a wreath out of a paper plate and after a bit of brainstorming, we decided brightly colored tissue paper would be the perfect embellishment. We had some leftover birthday party plates that probably would never get used again so we recycled them into festive fall decor. I had jute string leftover from my vase and placemat project and every color of tissue paper under the rainbow. We gathered up our materials and got to work.


Paper Plate

Tissue Paper In Various Colors



Hole Puncher

Jute String

Birthday Plate

Draw And Cut Out Wreath Center

We used a birthday party plate, but any paper plate will do.

Just draw a circle in the middle of the plate, however large you want the wreath opening to be.

Birthday Plate to wreath

Cut Tissue Paper Into 4-6 Inch Squares

Noah cut out squares of tissue paper in red, yellow, and orange and I cut the circle out of the plate.

My brother made one, too, and he used purple, orange, and green for a Halloween vibe.

No need to break out the ruler for the squares, by the way. As long as they’re all somewhere around the same size, it will be fine.

Birthday Plate glue on tissue paper

Punch A Hole And Load On The Glue

We used a hole puncher to make a hole on the top of the plate, but you can use scissors instead. The hole really can’t be seen anyway.

Then put glue all around the top of the plate, including the upper edge.

We worked in sections so the glue wouldn’t dry up, and we found that filling half of the middle, then the other half, then the outer edge worked best.

Birthday Plate Glue edges

Layer On The Tissue Paper Squares

Next, we stuck the middle of each tissue paper square onto the glue and crunched up the tops.

It worked best when we put our finger in the middle of the square and pulled up the edges of the paper, then used the finger inside the little tissue paper pouch to stick it to the plate.

You’ve got to push them pretty close together to make it look full and cover the plate completely, so make sure you squish those bad boys in tight.

Birthday Plate turned into wreath

Add String Hanger And Embellishments

After the plate was covered and the glue dried (about 20 minutes) we tied jute string through the hole at the top.

It looked great the way it was, but we decided to add a little bow with more jute string to give it something extra.

We just tied a piece of string into a bow and glued it on.

diy tissue paper wreath fall home decor kids project

Fall home decor DIY wreath made from recycled trash

DIY Tissue Paper Wreath Fall Home Decor

Cute, right?

Not bad for something that cost me zero dollars and zero cents.

It’s a great project to make after birthdays and Christmas when you have lots of tissue paper trash from opened gifts.

We really loved making it, and since then we’ve made a few different variations for other holidays and parties.

And I can safely say this thing is stronger than it looks.

I’m on Year Three of displaying it and it still looks exactly the same as it did when we made it.

I take extra care when storing it, and I make sure it always goes on the very top of the decorations in my Fall decor weatherproof tote.

You won't believe what we recycled to make this wreath!

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  1. Do you recall about how much tissue paper you used to cover the whole wreath? I’d love to use this idea as a class party activity.

    • Hi Kimberly! We used about 1.5 sheets of tissue paper I think (half a sheet for each of three colors). For a classroom, your best bet would be to go ahead and precut the squares to save time. Some kids may use less and others may use more, so I’d prepare more than you expect to need.

  2. Oh my! Super cute! Pinned and tweeted. We love partying with you and we appreciate you stopping by! Please take a minute to stop by next week, so we can pin and tweet your new creation. The party starts on Monday at 7 pm! Have a great Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  3. Pretty and fun! Stopped by from Foodie Friday ~ glad to find your blog.


  4. Those turned out really pretty! I am going to pin this. It will make a great weekend craft to do with my daughters.

  5. the wreaths are beautiful good job

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