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DIY Valentine Wreath

Valentine's Day Fabric Covered Foam Wreath

Can we just take a minute to discus that gold is all of a sudden trendy?

How did that happen?

And why?

And who started that trend anyway?

Stores are lined and loaded with gold home accents.

And I’ll admit…I like it.

DIY Valentine Fabric Wreath

I wouldn’t say I’m trendy, but I will say I like shiny things.

And gold is about as shiny as it gets.

But I’m really picky about shades of gold.

Too dark is too 70’s.

And too light just looks cheap.

It’s got to be just right.

DIY Valentine Wreath

So when I found this great fabric at Hobby Lobby (on sale for 30% off!) I knew I had to make something with it and really bring out the shiny gold dots.

I’m not sure how the idea of a wreath happened, but I’m so glad it did.

That’s the thing about Hobby Lobby.

You pick up something, then an hour of browsing later and you’ve got at least three projects planned for the weekend.

I’m crazy about this adorable wreath and it was so incredibly easy to make.

Here’s What You Need:

Foam Wreath


Sewing Pins

Craft Paint

Painting Sponge

Chipboard Word


Jute String

Chipboard letters and gold paint

I found this chipboard/extra thick cardboard cutout of the word Love in the wood and papercrafting section at HL.

And I grabbed some metallic gold acrylic paint.

Gold Painted chipboard

I quickly realized that a sponge is much better than a regular paint brush on the cardboard material.

It goes on smoother and is a lot easier to get into the tight spaces between the letters.

Foam Wreath

I used a foam wreath frame and a yard of this pretty fabric.

I cut the fabric into strips wide enough to fit around the the ring.

(I was able to cut the yard of fabric into four strips and I only needed three of them.)

Wrap fabric around foam wreath

Pin fabric back

Then I just loosely wrapped the fabric around the foam ring and pinned in place with sewing pins in the back.

I opted for loose wrinkles and bunches but you could also wrap it tightly for a more smooth look.

Push fabric pin through chipboard

pins to hold letters on foam wreath

Then I pushed some bent sewing pins through the edge of the letters and up through the back.

This part was pretty tough because the cardboard was so thick.

A heavy duty thimble or a quarter is definitely a must.

And through trial and error, I realized that bending the pin slightly first was a little easier.

fabric covered foam wreath

Then I just positioned the word and pushed the pins into the foam.

A little jute string for hanging (because I’m still obsessed with jute) and that’s it.

Total cost: $9.00

(Check the sales at Hobby Lobby and buy your supplies when the departments are 50% off. And the fabric is always 30% off. And there’s a 40% off a regular price item on the HL app. I love this store. Can you tell?)

Valentine's Day Fabric Covered Foam Wreath

DIY Valentine Fabric Wreath

So hop on the gold bandwagon and make one of these Valentine wreaths this week.

Or shop the fabric section and craft your own creation.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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