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How To Make A DIY Wood Accent Wall + MyWoodWall Review

MyWoodWall Review

I’ve been swooning over wood walls for years now, but the idea of having to buy a bunch of wood planks from the home improvement store, figure out a way to get them all home in my very small car, cut them all down, sand them, stain them, measure them, nail them all up, fill the nail holes, and rent or buy a bunch of equipment sounds awful to me. That’s why I always just swooned but never committed.

But then I found MyWoodWall and my accent wall dreams finally came true. They took all the hard work out of the process and make installing a wood wall incredibly easy. I am beyond excited to share with you the entire process from start to finish, and hopefully inspire you to give it a shot, too. If you’ve been thinking about adding wood planks to a room in your home, this is the way to go.

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Why Use MyWoodWall?

  • Lightweight 100% real wood material
  • Pre-cut into manageable sized pieces
  • Pre-stained and sanded, so it’s ready to go up immediately
  • Shipped free to your home so no trips to the home improvement store
  • Easy installation with no tools, just peel and stick tape
  • Super strong, this stuff is not going to fall off
  • Can be used on any smooth surface including walls, doors, ceilings, cabinets, and furniture
  • Easy to cut with a jigsaw or even a hand saw
  • A great variety of colors to choose from

mywoodwall review

How Does It Work?

The whole installation process is incredibly easy. Each board is already sanded, stained, and has three strips of heavy duty double sided tape already on them.

The way I did it was first decide on a pattern. I had originally planned a big extravagant geometric pattern for the main wall in my son’s room, however I quickly realized my math skills were a little lacking in calculating all that, so I ended up going OG with a random horizontal pattern. Honestly, the wood has so much texture to it that I think the pattern I had planned to start with might have looked a little crazy anyway.

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mywoodwall review

Getting Started

According to the instructions on MyWoodWall’s website, you should first draw a reference line in the middle of the wall and use that as your starting point. I was feeling a little adventurous so instead of the line being directly in the middle, I made it rest right above where the top of the headboard meets the wall. I worked my way down to the baseboard first, then up to the ceiling.

To make things go quickly, I only used full pieces for this step and left spaces blank near the wall edge and outlets. After I filled the whole wall with full pieces, then I took precise measurements (precise meaning I screwed up and had to re-cut a lot of them) and cut them all at once.

One thing I did that really helped was I labeled each open space on the wall with a letter and wrote that directly on the wall with a pencil. Then as I took measurements, I noted each letter with it’s measurements. This made installation super easy when I had to go back and plug in 30+ pieces.

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mywoodwall review

Cutting Tips

The instructions say to use a hand saw, but I’m pretty impatient and not that strong anyway, so I opted for my jigsaw. It worked out perfectly and I was able to cut over thirty pieces in about 30 minutes.

I used the list of lettered measurements and cut each piece to size, and I labeled the back of each piece with the same letter from the wall. That made plugging them all in a breeze. I’m all for a jigsaw puzzle on a rainy day, but this was not the guessing game I wanted to play. Labeling made a world of difference for me.

mywoodwall review

Installation Tips

Level, Level, Level

When installing the wood planks, it’s super important to make sure your lines are level. It may not seem like a big deal but once you reach the ceiling and baseboards, if it’s not perfectly straight, you’ll end up having to make tiny slivered cuts along the edges to make them all fit. Luckily, I didn’t have that problem on the ceiling area, but either I wasn’t perfectly straight or my baseboards are crooked because I had to do a little tweaking to fit a few in.

*I should also note that each box comes with shims in case any part of your surface isn’t exactly level. Luckily I didn’t need to use them, but in an older home, these would be a huge asset.

Order Extra Tape

MyWoodWall offers an additional roll of Tessla Tape that can be used during the project. I grabbed the additional roll just in case, and I’m so glad I did. While the three pre-installed pieces of tape were just enough for installing the full pieces, some of the planks I had to cut ended up with no tape at all. Having that extra roll was a lifesaver for my smaller pieces and I highly suggest you don’t skip this during the checkout process.

Optional Trim

You can also get trim pieces to line your wood wall. Since I was going corner to corner, I didn’t need the trim. But if you’re doing an area where the edges will show, I’d suggest you get the trim. The edges are finished on the full pieces and they look fine, but if you have to make any cuts, you’re going to want to cover that up.

Don’t Stick Until You’re Positive On Placement

Just an FYI, this tape is STRONG. Once you’ve popped that bad boy on the wall, it’s not coming off without a fight. I accidentally put a piece on a little crooked and thought I could just pluck it off and replace it. Um, no.  With the help of a giant flathead screwdriver I finally got the piece off, but it took the drywall with it. Be extra sure your placement is right the first time, and know that this is a permanent accent wall. Removal will definitely cause damage.

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mywoodwall review

My Honest Opinion

Honestly, I’m really impressed with this product. The installation was beyond easy, the tape is incredibly strong, the color availability was perfect, the quality is really good, and the pieces are simple to cut.

The dark espresso stain we chose (Deep Space) for Noah’s room gave it a dark and moody vibe, perfect for the industrial vibe he wanted. It’s rustic, raw, and textured, so it balanced out all the metal accents in the space.

See his full bedroom reveal here!

My only hiccup during the whole project was that one piece that I had to remove, (and the measuring, but that was my bad) but everything else was smooth sailing. I was able to finish the entire wall in just a few hours. I find that to be a huge advantage over a traditional wood wall, which can take up to an entire weekend or longer to complete.

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Learn More About MyWoodWall

To learn more about the products I used in this project, as well as FAQs, color options, measuring tips, project calculators, and pricing, visit MyWoodWall online. And use my promo code LelaBurris for 20% off your purchase. I’d love to see how your wood wall project turns out, so be sure to tag me @inthenewhouse and @mywoodwall on Instagram with your finished masterpiece!

To see the full reveal of Noah’s new room, visit this blog post! I’m sharing all the ways we keep his small space organized and how we store all of his many hobby supplies.

And if you love this project and want to share it with your buds, you can share via the links below. Thanks for spreading the word on this awesome wood wall alternative!

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This post is sponsored by MyWoodWall. It contains my honest review of the product, the company, and the installation process. I was provided product from MyWoodWall, however as always, all opinions are honest, true, and completely my own. I never share products I don’t love and would personally recommend to my friends and family.


  1. I love how it turned out! can you tell me where you bought this?

  2. The wall looks amazing! Great job! How long do you think the tape will hold the wood? is there a alternative to using a tape?

    • Lela Burris

      The tape is very very permanent. The planks don’t come off at all, and if they do they’re bringing the drywall with them. I think the tape will probably hold on forever and maybe even longer. Definitely a permanent wall treatment.

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