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Dollhouse Update!

Remember back when I bought that old dollhouse from Mercari that was all kinds of shades of pink and purple, and the wood was dirty, dusty, and sinking in? Over the past year I’ve been working on it bit by bit in my spare time (which I have very little of, which explains why I’m still not done with the house yet) and I wanted to show you how far it’s come. Here’s a little update on our “fixer upper.”

dollhouse remodel
Dollhouse “Before” when we first got it

In case you missed the first post when I introduced this beauty, here’s a photo of what it looked like before. The walls were shades of pinks, purples, and blues, spilling onto the floors that were splitting and falling in. There were stickers on the walls, dust on the floors, and a very dead fly from many many moons ago.

And while it may have been in bad shape, it had great bones and was made from super solid wood. This wasn’t some Hobby Lobby kit. It was handmade with some kind of magical wood from another planet that is nearly impossible to cut. I found that out when I removed the center wall on the bottom floor. Whoever assembled this house must’ve had granddaughters that were hard on toys…

Here she was all primed and ready for paint. The center wall was removed, the floors have been repaired, the ceiling isn’t a special hell made of splinters, and the windows have been reinforced. I coated it all with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer because I wanted to make sure all the old stains and paint were completely sealed in and it was all clean and healthy.

The Dollhouse Mid-Reno Update

Which brings us here. I still have a lot I want to do inside this house, and I’d say it’s only about 60% done. Which seems like a low percentage compared to how the photo looks, but when you consider all the tiny little things that go inside the drawers and cabinets, plus the exterior, decks, and landscaping haven’t even been touched yet. But it feels like a home and less like a box of pink and purple squares, so I’ll call that progress.

To make the hardwood floors, I used iron-on wood veneer strips, like what you would put on the front of a shelf, and adhered them with my Cricut Easy Press Mini to a piece of photo mat board. Then I just attached the mat board onto the floors using Tessa Tape. That way I can remove them and change them out if I ever need to.

The tiny little fixtures in the bathroom are probably my favorite things. I love how realistic the shower head is, and the floor and wall tiles are totally drool-worthy. Funny story, I couldn’t find a dollhouse toilet in the right scale that didn’t look old-fashioned or very fake. You won’t believe where I got this toilet…it’s a WWE action figure toy for kids to have their wrestler figures smash their other figures’ heads into it. Hahaha!!!!

The kitchen was a big string of DIY projects paired with my most expensive dollhouse purchase. Don’t even ask me how much I paid for the kitchen cabinets behind that island. I don’t even want to admit it. But the kitchen has me swooning, so it’s all worth it. All the cabinets and drawers open on both the range side and the island, so there’s plenty of room for me to stash tiny little food items, cleaners, and cookware.

In the living and dining area, this was my THIRD fireplace. I made one first, and it was a flop. I bought one and painted it, which was also a flop. This one was handmade by an Etsy seller, and it’s the clear winner. Some things just shouldn’t be DIYed. I did make the ceiling beams and the table though. And while we’re here, can we just talk about how cute those window shades are?!

The bedroom is still a work in progress because I’m not really digging it at the moment. I kind of want to take everything out and start over. But that’s a project for another day. Maybe once the house is completely done, then I’ll start doing some redecorating. Kind of like in my own house where I’m constantly redoing things. Which will be good, because I can’t keep buying new dollhouses to fix up. They’re big and furniture is expensive!

Oh and the Mandalorian and Grogu have moved into the house. This was a project my son and I started together and having one of his critters inhabit the place was always our plan. We both loved the irony of decking out this gorgeous farmhouse, then having Mando and his lil dude reside there. Plus we have been having a blast positioning them in hilarious places and scenarios for each other to find.

Lil’ Grogu digs his nursery, and I completely agree. I feel like if he were a real- (umm, I was going to say person but now I’m not really sure what to call him, so let’s just say baby) if he were a real baby he’d want a room like this. I used Yoda patterned vinyl from Cricut as wallpaper and it totally makes the space. And that tiny dresser is more than adorable!

So that brings us to the end of our tour. I hope you enjoyed seeing the progress of my little hobby. I don’t really share the dollhouse much on the blog, and I don’t share any step by step tutorials for the things I make for it. I’ve had a lot of people ask for them, but honestly, this is my private fun thing that I do in my spare time and I want to keep it as special as it has been from the start. I share so much on the blog and I document so much of my life, and I like having this one thing that’s just for fun.

I do like to post progress on the dollhouse Instagram page as a digital “scrapbook” for me to look back on, so if you want to follow along you can watch it all come together there. Or if you just really love The Mandalorian and want to see him in all his funny poses just living life in a cute farmhouse, you’ll find that there, too.

And if you’re into renovating dollhouses, too, here’s a post I wrote on setting up your dollhouse repair workspace. I show you exactly how I set up my area to work on all the tiny little things that go inside my dollhouse, my favorite tools, and how I store it all.

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