You Clicked There!

Hey Rebel

I knew I liked you

Usually people get scolded for breaking the rules. But that’s not how I roll. In my world, I break the rules, I don’t follow trends, and I do me, all day every day. No matter what direction everyone else is going, I stay true to myself, through and through.

Some say denim on denim isn’t hip to the times. I say, pshh.

Some say it’s embarrassing when I use the term “hip to the times” (cough, cough, husband, cough) but I say it anyway.

And some say you have to wear real pants when you go to Target on Sunday mornings. Okay, maybe that’s a rule I will follow, but only because there’s not a Starbucks in jail.

Curiosity Got To You, huh?

But since we’re cool here, and you and I are buds now, I’m not going to punish you for clicking the one button I specifically told you not to click.

Even though there are literally thousands of other buttons on this site that are just dying to be clicked.

Nope, you had to pick that one “unclickable” button.

The curiosity got to you didn’t it? You just had to know what was here.

And now you’re here and all I’m doing is rambling about how I’m not cut out for prison life. Pretty disappointing, huh?

Well You’re In Luck

Well, little known fact about me, I hate to disappoint. So since you went to all that trouble of clicking around in places in hopes of some kind of treasure, I might as well make it worth it. So here’s a super secret link to a super secret list of my favorite places to shop for home organization products. I think you’ll be quite surprised at the fourth one…

Get The Secret List

Don’t worry, you can click that link. But you were going to anyway, weren’t you, you little rule-bender?