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10 Easy To Weed Cricut Fonts For Beginners

These ten fonts in Cricut Design Space are the easiest to weed for Cricut beginners. They’re great fonts to use for your first projects or to practice your skills.

As a beginner, weeding is probably the most intimidating part of a vinyl project. The Cricut machine does all the hard work and gives you perfectly cut vinyl letters, but then it’s up to you to remove all the excess vinyl with a tool that looks like a dental pick as you hope and pray you don’t stab yourself or rip the letter T clean in half.

If you’ve already learned the basics of weeding vinyl and you’re ready to start designing custom projects with your own chosen fonts, picking a font can take way longer than you’d expect. That’s where this list comes in. Here are the top ten fonts that are super easy to weed for a beginner like you. They’re less likely to tear, take less time to weed, and are easier to apply with transfer tape. You’ll be a weeding pro in no time making fancy projects with tiny scripted letters in no time, but for now, you should be practicing with these.

The Easiest Fonts To Weed For Cricut Vinyl Projects

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1. Cricut Sans

Cricut Sans is the most basic Cricut font. It’s the default font that pops up when you create a new text box in a new project, and there’s a reason for that. It’s easy to weed, nice and clear, and super versatile. If you need a classic font, Cricut Sans should be your go-to.

2. Arial Black

Also in the very basic font club is Arial Black. But in this case, basic is not a bad thing. This font looks good on literally everything. It works for fancy projects, kid’s projects, t-shirts, labels, and everything in between. You can never go wrong with Arial Black.

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3. Futura

If you like the look of a clean font but want something a little more modern, Futura is the font you need. The letters are crisp, tight, and narrow, but thick enough not to tear when you’re a beginner weeder. I love this font for making vinyl labels like spice jar decals.

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4. Cricut Keystone

Cricut Keystone is a fun font that’s nice and bulgy. It’s only available in all caps, so there are no i’s to dot, meaning it’s a great font for practicing weeding. Cricut Keystone makes a perfect iron-on vinyl font, especially for kid’s shirts and backpacks.

how to use cricut weeding tool

5. Baloo

Hello curves! Baloo is a fun and kind of retro font that is extra thick and bold. And PS: Extra thick and bold = easy peasy to weed. The excess vinyl almost floats off the backing with this font, so even if you aren’t into the style, you can still use it for a few practice cuts to get the hang of your weeding tool. But don’t rule it out completely, because it looks awesome on a water bottle.

6. Paddington Regular

Ohhh I love this font. It’s fun, it’s classy, and it’s got a little 70’s vibe to it. Paddington Regular is the font I use when I make beginner tutorial videos because in my opinion, it’s the easiest to weed quickly. I can breeze through a bunch of decals in no time with this font.

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7. Candice Regular

If you’ve been waiting for a script font, this is as close as it’s going to get on my top ten easy-to-weed fonts. The truth is, script fonts are more advanced than they look. But Candice Regular is the easiest of the script group, so don’t be afraid of this one.

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8. Announcement

If that last one made you nervous, let’s bring it back to the super simple bold text again. Announcement is a really great thick font that works well when you’re making bigger projects. As long as your text size is taller than four inches, weeding this font will be easy like Sunday morning.

9. Typewriter

I typically don’t suggest using a serif font as a beginner, but Typewriter is an exception to that rule. (PS: serif fonts have little “feet”, sans serif don’t have the “feet”) Typewriter is thick enough to weed easily and the “feet” are short and bulky enough to not rip off during your weeding process. I suggest using this font to get your feet wet before you upgrade to tighter, skinnier serif fonts.

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10. DonJuan-Under Pressure

I may be biased, but this is my favorite font of all. I use it for all the labels in my studio and I’ve never had a problem weeding it. And just last week I shared it with a total beginner on Instagram and she followed up that she was able to pull it off seamlessly in her very first Cricut project ever.

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Need More Help With Cricut Fonts?

I got you, fellow Cricut lover! I created a list of the best Cricut fonts for all different types of projects, as well as a perfect pairing guide so you can rock your projects without spending an hour looking at every font in Design Space. You can grab that list for free by dropping your email below. I’ll send it right over!

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