Organizing Services

“How do the packages work?”  I offer package pricing discounts as a benefit for pre-scheduling your sessions ahead of time. Instead of paying for each individual 3 hour session, you can secure your spot for multiple sessions all at once so you know you’ve got me locked down for the days and times that work best for you. Packages are paid in full upfront, and unused sessions expire 24 months after purchase date.

“What forms of payment do you accept?” I accept cash, check, credit, and debit cards. Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Debit cards are processed as credit. Card payments may be made in person or via invoice. Cash and check payments must be made in person. Payments are expected before your sessions begin, and appointments are not booked until payment is received.

“What if I’m not ready to purchase a multi-session package?”  No problem at all. We can do one session at a time. I have a regular 3 hour session rate, so if you aren’t comfortable locking in extra sessions yet, we don’t have to do it that way. Just know that I don’t hold time for clients that haven’t paid yet, so if you know you’d like to work together for an ongoing period of time, paying for the package ensures you get time on my calendar and receive an incremental discount on your investment in our work together.

“Do I have to be home or can you do the organization without me?”  In my all-inclusive hands-on packages, you do need to be home for the first sessions, but you do not have to be present for your future organization sessions. I like to spend the first session working with you and getting a feel for how you live in your home. After that initial session, you may either continue working with me in your house or I can work while you’re away.
*Note: I do not haul away any donations or remove any items from your home unless you are present, so any sessions you aren’t home will not include donation drop-off.

“Do you supply the containers, boxes, bins, and labels?” I can source and order products needed for the project, but these products are purchased ahead of time. The way this works is you set a shopping budget and I fill an online cart for you with my recommended storage items. Once the cart is filled, you sign on to the retailer’s website and pay with your preferred method. The items are shipped to your home and ready for your next session.
I usually order from The Container Store, Target, and Amazon, but I’m always happy to shop at your favorite stores, instead. I also offer labels and organization binders, and I can show you the options I have available during your consultation.

“I don’t want anyone to know I hired an organizer. Can we keep this on the DL?” Absolutely! I am very discreet. I arrive in my personal vehicle with no branding or logos, and I never share personal client info with anyone, not even my husband. Any photos I take are private for session-planning and product shopping only, and I never share before-and-after photos publicly unless the client agrees in writing. I take confidentiality very seriously, and even my website testimonials are abbreviated for client privacy.

“What if I don’t live in your area? Can you still help me?” Absolutely! I can do exactly the same thing virtually that I do in-home. We chat over online video so I can see the space and help you make the best plan of action. You get my undivided attention and you still get an action plan just like an in-house visit. Since I can’t be there with you to execute, you also get an extra check-in call just to make sure you aren’t hitting any roadblocks.

“What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?” Not a problem. Let me know ASAP so I can get you into the next closest available time slot.

“What if the in-home packages are out of my budget right now?” I totally understand. It’s a big investment, and while it’s definitely worth every penny, I know everyone has their own financial constraints. If in-home sessions are out of your price range, I highly suggest chatting with me about a DIY Plan. I create the exact same plan for you that I would do if I were in your home, broken down into deep details, and send it to you. Then you are able to do the work yourself on your own time. You also have unlimited email access to me for 60 days, as well as frequent phone or video check-ins so I can answer any questions, help with roadblocks, and keep you motivated.

“What happens after my sessions are complete?” Don’t think I just fall off the radar! We’ve likely been working together for quite a bit of time by now, and I’m sure we’ve built up a bond like no other. Just because your sessions are over and your house is perfectly in place doesn’t mean we’re done. You can always reach out to me any time you need help, and I’ll check in with you every so often to see how your systems are doing. I also offer maintenance packages for clients who really want to stay on track. I can visit quarterly or monthly to do a quick reset and make sure all the work we did doesn’t go off the rails.

“How do I get started?” First, you’ll send your info over to me using this page, then I’ll be in contact with you very soon to chat a little about your project and schedule a time for your consultation. The consultation is always free, and we can do it in your home or via FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts/Facebook Messenger. This consultation gives you the opportunity to walk me through your house, discuss your biggest organization obstacles, and come up with a solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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How often are new blog posts added? New posts are added once a week, however sometimes you’ll see an extra one or two if I’m feeling super talkative.

The Freebie Library has a password lock. How do I get in? You can subscribe to receive email updates to join. It’s totally free and you get all kinds of great goodies, plus first access to new blog posts and exclusive offers.

What happened to In The New House Designs? On September 17, 2018, In The New House Designs officially rebranded under the name Lela Burris. All blog posts and freebies are still available via the search bar and archives, and you’ll still see the same awesome types of content as you did before. In The New House Designs was started as a DIY blog in 2014, and as the company has grown over the years, we’ve outgrown our old name and brand. LelaBurris.com is the brand new, grown up blog, with more resources than ever to help make your house a home and your life the most organized it’s ever been.

I’m a blogger and I’m interested in guest posting on your site. Can I? At this time, we are no longer accepting guest posts due to an overload of spammy requests. 

I’m a blogger and I’m interested in having you guest post on my site. Will you? Maybe! Shoot me an email here with your name, website address, and topic you’d like me to write about and I’ll let you know asap.

What’s the best way to get a hold of you? You can email me via the Contact page, send me a message on Facebook @lelaburrisinc, DM me on Instagram @lelaburris, tweet me @lelaburrisinc, or write your info a sheet of parchment and send it with a pigeon. Just don’t expect a quick reply if you take the pigeon route. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How can I advertise my blog or business on your site? Great question. I’ve got all you need right here.

How does Ask Lela work? I get tons of questions every day from awesome readers just like you. Until recently, I’ve just replied to them and sent them on their merry way. But as I began receiving the same emails with the same struggles from so many people, I realized I shouldn’t hog all my secrets to myself. So now I share your reader questions twice a month in a short Ask Lela segment. To submit a question, just ask it right here and if selected, your Q will be answered publicly on the blog. Don’t worry, you can be anonymous if you want to.

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