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How To Arrange Flowers In A Metal Bucket

I love metal buckets. I use them for everything. Storage, magazines, dog leashes, bathroom accessories; you name it, I’ve probably done it. So when I bought some seasonal flowers from the grocery store today, I decided to stray away from the typical vase and see how they’d look in one of my large metal buckets. There’s a little trick to doing this, though. You can’t just put them in a vase and plop it in the middle of the bucket. Well, technically you can, but it’s going to look a little funny.


Umm…not so great, huh? No worries, I’ve got a no-fail trick to make the bucket look full without adding more flowers, messy floral foam, or floral ties. The secret? 3 wide-mouth Mason jars.


By putting the separate jars into the bottom of the pail, you can spread the flowers out all the way to the edge. A simple trim of the stems to make them just a bit taller than the rim is all you have to do.

Fall Flowers in Metal Bucket

Much better, right? It looks like I added double the amount of flowers, but actually I used exactly the same amount. When I evenly dispersed them into the three jars, they sit loosely inside the bucket without being squished together. This creates a casual and natural look.

Flowers In Metal Tub

And while we’re admiring how totally easy this arrangement is, can we stop and talk about those roses for a minute? I’m usually not a fan of roses but these amber-shaded ones are my new obsession. I want them in every room of my house.

Fall Floral Arrangement in Metal Bucket

Not bad for 3 for $12 Publix flowers. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed that I thought of the jars. I pranced around the house bragging to my husband about what a genius I am.

What are your favorite fall flowers to decorate with?


  1. The separate jars are the key! Great idea to arrange flowers in a metal bucket indeed!

  2. I love the metal bucket, and I love how warm these fall colors are. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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