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How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror Without Breaking The Bank

Industrial Farmhouse Framed Mirror

Hey Renters! Or homeowners who change their minds a lot (shout out). Or remodelers on a budget. You’ve seen gorgeous photos of beautiful bathroom mirrors with fancy frames, right? And you want one, right? But you can’t afford to take down that builder-grade mirror and replace it with one that costs more than a year’s worth of electric bills? I feel you. My bathroom has a giant, cheap-o, plain jane mirror just stuck on the wall like the builder spent his last dollar of the budget at McDonalds on a big mac.

You’ve probably got one, too, so you know exactly what I mean. Builders, listen up, stop using these things! We all hate them! But I’ve got a way to fix it for just $14 dollars and change. Take that frugal home builder.

Bathroom Before 2

This was the boring mirror before I remodeled the bathroom. Now, I like to decorate. And redecorate. A lot. One minute I may love the idea of a large chunky black frame. And a year down the road, I may be into silver or gold or who knows, maybe even fuchsia. So I wanted something versatile enough that I could change it without tearing the whole thing down. And I wanted to keep the project on the cheap side because, well, I like to shop and the mall was having a big sale.

Paint boards for frame on all sides

So with an idea in mind and measurements on a sticky note in my pocket, I headed to Lowes to find some boards to build a frame. I designed my bathroom with an Industrial Farmhouse style so I didn’t want to get fancy with the cuts. I didn’t need molding or mitered corners, just clean straight lines. This made it even more easy because the lumber crew at the store cut them exactly to size and I did absolutely nothing except sand and paint. I painted all sides, including the back, because the mirror reflects a little bit of the back side.

Velcro Strips for mirror frame

I picked up two packs of these heavy duty velcro strips from the Command section. Seriously, I can use Command strips for just about anything. They are so awesome. And easy to remove without any damage. I could be a Command strip spokesperson. I could do commercials and be on their billboards (do they have billboards?) and hand out samples to random strangers on the street. Hey 3M recruiters, I’m your girl.

Velcro Strips on Mirror frame

And now for the super-challenging, extra-difficult, advanced-level part of the project…peel and stick. Yep, that’s it. I used two velcro strips per plank and stuck it to the mirror. Later on, if you need to clean the mirror, just remove the frame pieces, then stick them back on again.

Industrial Farmhouse Framed Mirror

That’s all it takes to get a perfectly framed mirror. So if you’re afraid to commit to a new mirror, this quick fix will hold you over until you can afford that really amazing one you pinned a year ago.

To see more of the bathroom remodel, click here!


  1. You have saved us all! 🙂 I absolutely love this idea and can’t wait to do this in a few weeks!

    • Brad - Admin

      You’re so welcome, Brittney! It’s always a good day around here when we save someone from a mini meltdown, so best of luck. Your bathroom is about to look so high-end for a definitely not high-end amount of money.

  2. It’s really such a great post. Good job. I like your idea. By the way. Two days ago, my bathroom mirror is cracked. So I am want a new bathroom miroor and replace it. But this problem is that I am not sure how to properly frame it back into place.

  3. I would love to do this project but my mirror has clips on the outside to hold it on the wall

  4. sandra gandy

    thanks for the great idea. I already have the wood for my frames, but mine are not cut yet. I love the idea of the command strips, because the reason I haven’t done mine yet is because I didn’t know how to put them up. it sounds very easy, so thank you. I am now inspired to complete the mirror project.

    • Great! It takes a full 2 minutes to put them up after they are cut to size. Just make sure you use the Velcro strips. They come in black or white.

  5. I love this idea. We have two large frameless mirrors in our bathrooms. They were there when we bought our place two years ago and I’ve been trying to figure out how to change them out without a lot of expense. Are the command strips that strong to hold the wood onto the mirrors?

    • Absolutely. I used two each per side and one strip holds 20 pounds. The wood is actually pretty light so you’ll have no problem at all.

  6. Great idea!!! I have to measure my mirror when I get home to see if I have enough clearance around the sides for something like this 🙂

    • Hey Gina, I didn’t have enough clearance so I stuck it on the mirror itself. I like it much better that way than on the wall anyway. Hope yours works out!

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