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Get The Fixer Upper Look For Half The Price

Fixer Upper Dining Room

Who else is obsessed with Fixer Upper?

Raise your hand.

Bet you raised your hand, right?

Actually, I bet your raised both of them.


I just love this simple and classic dining room Joanna designed for a sweet young couple.

But when I started looking for the elements in the room, I realized it comes with a super steep price tag.

Aside from the wainscoting and hardwood floors, the furniture and accessories break the budget into tiny little shreds of disappointment.

Get This Fixer Upper Dining Room Look For Half The Price. Click Through For Sources At In The New House Designs.

From the thousand dollar light fixture to the custom table, this design is out of the question for a lot of us.

But being the chick that refuses to pay full price for anything,  I went on an internet hunt to find some pieces that resembled the ones that got the Gaines stamp of approval.

And I found them!

Light Fixture

The first thing that caught my eye about this room was that gorgeous light fixture.

But the price tag made me cover my eyes and click the red x in the corner of the screen almost immediately.

But Lowes came to the rescue.

Sweet, sweet, glorious Lowes.

They’ve got this fancy schmancy chandy for $169.

Under $200??? Yes, please!

Budget Friendly Target Industrial Dining table

And that industrial table and chairs instantly turn the room into a cozy and welcoming space.

But the cost of a custom built table and high end metal chairs is the complete opposite of welcoming.

Actually, it sends me running far, far away.

Friend, meet Target. Target, meet my friend.

Affordable Fixer Upper Style Chairs at Target

A 60″ big boy industrial table for $199 and a pair of metal chairs for $89 is totally affordable.

And although they may not stand up to the quality of the ones used in the Whyte home, they’re a quick fix for a budget friendly makeover.


When it comes to the accessories, I learned something about Joanna.

She’s actually quite reasonable with her decor.

The dishes were from West Elm and range from $8 to $12 each. No need for a comp there. That’s pretty darn good.


The metal framed vase is from her own Magnolia Market for $54. There are others online like it, but the price is pretty much the same. For this, I’d much rather give JoJo the support than a random retailer if they all charge the same price.

Botanical Prints

And the botanical prints are all over the internet for about $40-$50 per set of 6. If you’re lucky enough to come across an old botanical picture book at a thrift store, you can make your own by scanning the photos and enlarging them. Pop them in inexpensive frames and you’ve got yourself an art wall.

Unfinished charger

The wooden chargers are where things start emptying your wallet.

They range from $20 to $35 a piece. Yikes.

But because I had nothing else to do today except scour the internet, I found these unfinished chargers for a whopping $2.77.

If you have some leftover stain in your garage, you can pull off a full set of 6 chargers for the price of one and about an hour’s work.

I’d say that’s a win.

Black and White rug

And last but not least, the rug.

I found some great comparisons, and I think I may have came across the actual one, too, but it’s not available anymore.

You can pick up this one for about $80 and it looks very very similar.

But if you’re a fan of DIY projects, I’d probably hit up World Market when they’re having a sale, grab a plain canvas-colored rug for an awesome price, and paint the stripes on it myself with fabric paint.

Get This Fixer Upper Dining Room Look For Half The Price. Click Through For Sources At In The New House Designs.

With a little internet scavenger hunting and the determination to not spend an arm and a leg redecorating your home, you can definitely get the Fixer Upper look on the Walmart/Target budget.

I’d love to know what you think of my copycat style board, too.

Would you go with the cheaper options?

Or save up and splurge on the real thing?

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  1. What girl does not love a deal?!?!? It is what we live for . . . the SCORE. Obviously, i am for the savings. Too often i tire of something, but feel guilty getting rid of the item bc it was expensive. In my opinion, learning to be smart about what we splurge on is a life lesson. Your room is beautiful.

  2. Sandra gandy

    I am definitely going to target for the chairs. I love them. great ideas. thank you.

  3. Lela,
    The Lowes chandy and the unfinished wood charger are my favorites of your finds. Great buys that give an upscale look…


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