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8 Gifts For Experienced Cricut Crafters

My annual Twelve Days of Gift Guides has two new additions this year! If you’re new to using a Cricut (AKA you finally hit the crafting mother lode) check out this post first to completely fill your holiday list. If you’ve been loving Cricut for years, though, maybe this is the perfect time for an upgrade, so here are 8 perfect gifts for experienced Cricut crafters.

ONE | Precision Cutting Bundle – An experienced Cricut user probably has a plain Jane cutting mat, but she probably doesn’t have this fancy dancy patterned one. And it’s self-healing so she can cut away without messing it up.

TWO | EasyPress Mini – This mini version of the EasyPress 2 is new to the Cricut family in 2019. It’s perfect for small projects and awkward shapes, plus it’s really affordable and great for stockings.

THREE | Patterned Vinyl Sample Kits – I’ll let you in on a little secret. Us Cricut Obsessed Humans can never have too much vinyl. Pop a few rolls of vinyl samplers in her stocking in patterns and colors you think she’ll love.

FOUR | Rolling Craft Tote – This rolling tote has tons of compartments for holding all your craft supplies, and it can also be paired with a Cricut Machine bag so you can haul everything you need to your next crafting party.

FIVEPaper Tool Set – This set is a rockstar at creating pro quality paper crafts. You’ll never want to buy a greeting card from a store again.

SIX | Infusible Ink Ultimate Pen Set – Cricut’s incredible new line of Infusible Ink is changing the iron-on game forever. This set of 30 pens will definitely result in your gift recipient regifting you with a set of handmade coasters.

SEVEN | BrightPad – This is like a light board on steroids, ladies! It makes weeding tiny fonts so much easier, and it’s super fun to use. Every pro crafter needs a BrightPad, but be careful, kids often steal them to use for tracing projects. (Speaking from experience…)

EIGHT | Rolling Storage Cart – This is the cart I store my Cricut Maker on, and it’s been a huge hit ever since I first shared it. Now thousands of other Cricut owners are using the same cart. It’s great for rolling around your craft room and stashing in the closet when not in use. And vinyl rolls fit inside the drawers, too!


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