Give Back Program

Looking for a bigger reason to give our Binder Kits a try?

How about helping rescue pets find their forever homes?

Right from our launch, we wanted a Give Back Program. Sure, our main goal is to keep you Organized-ish, but we know there are problems that aren’t easy to solve with to-do lists, scorecards, and contact logs.

Among the three members of the Organized-ish team, we have eight rescue animals, all of whom keep us on our toes every single day, with unconditional love and cuteness. That’s why for every membership, either 5-Day or Lifetime Access, 5% of our monthly profits go to small and independent animal shelters and rescue organizations.

To nominate your favorite animal refuge or rehab center, use the form below.

Your membership really does save lives, not just human ones. Ready to make a difference?

Nominate Your Favorite Animal Rescue or Shelter

If your nomination is chosen, we will email you to let you know.