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6 Must-Have Guest Bathroom Essentials

Have you ever been at someone’s house and really needed something in the bathroom but it wasn’t available? Like that piece of broccoli in your teeth that really could’ve been a lot easier to remove with some floss, but instead you found yourself folding up toilet paper and trying to wedge it between your teeth somehow? Or maybe there wasn’t a trash can to put your lady-trash in. (Yep, I just said that. Keeping it real Mamas!)

Don’t be the Hostess With The Mostest Leastest and treat your guests to the ultimate form of hospitality. Keep your guest bathroom stocked with these six essentials to leave your guests feeling welcome, comfortable, and excited about coming to visit again.

Guest Bathroom Essentials

Extra Toilet Paper

You know that awkward feeling of being in someone else’s house using someone else’s bathroom, and realizing the TP roll has less than a full sheet left. There’s got to be extra rolls in here somewhere, but it feels so wrong to go through the cabinets until you find it. Spare your guests the creepy-feeling of looking around by keeping extra rolls within reach and visible.

I like keeping them in a cute basket on the back of the toilet, but you can also buy stands for the rolls.

My Fave Toilet Paper Baskets

guest bathroom essentials and vinyl bathroom labels

Touch-Up Necessities

Get major Hostess Bonus Points by keeping a few touch-up necessities out on the counter for guests to use if needed. I keep out disposable flossers, single-use glasses wipes, Q-Tips, and a pair of tweezers for that rogue chin hair that magically popped up out of nowhere.

Keep these little things in a clear divided container, preferably with a lid. Sit it by the sink or on an easily-noticeable shelf so guests know they’re welcome to use. If you really want to get fancy with it, you can add a vinyl label (I made mine with my Cricut Maker) to invite them to help themselves.

My Fave Countertop Organizers

things to put in guest bathroom


Not only do I keep this stuff in the guest bathroom, but I keep it in every bathroom. I also keep a bottle in my travel bag and even my purse. If you haven’t used this before, you’re about to change your life. It’s basically essential oils concocted into a special spray that you spritz into the toilet before you do your business. It creates a barrier so there’s no “smell” and the bathroom just smells like whatever scent the spray is.

Trust me y’all, this stuff works! I’ll vouch for it all day, every day. And since I’ve been keeping it in my guest bathrooms, every single guest we’ve ever had ended up buying some after they left. One even bought it on her phone while she was still at our house!

tiny hall bathroom with diy wallpaper

Trash Can

Nothing is more awkward than having to walk out of a guest bathroom with trash in your hand and ask the host where the nearest can is. Especially if that nearest can is in the kitchen. Do your guests a favor by keeping a small trash can in the bathroom and visible. Keeping it under the sink behind closed doors may look “prettier” but guests are going to feel weird about looking through cabinets to find a can.

You can find really cute bathroom trash cans now, and they won’t clash with your decor at all. Make sure you include a trash bag inside. Nothing grosses me out more than seeing an unlined bathroom can.

My Fave Bathroom Trash Cans

hide a plunger inside a tall basket in the bathroom


Okay, I take back what I just said. There is something more awkward than asking for a trash can. Asking for a plunger. Talk about embarrassment, right? Save your guests that walk of shame by making sure the bathroom has a plunger readily available.

Hate the look of a plunger sitting by the toilet? You can put a flower pot drip tray in the bottom of a tall round basket, then put the plunger inside. The result? Pretty and functional.

My Fave Plunger Disguisers

put a funny sign behind the bathroom door to surprise guests

Something Funny

Let’s face it, using the restroom isn’t really a “fun” task. It’s more of a human necessity. So why not throw in the element of surprise by putting something in the bathroom your guests wouldn’t expect. Whether it’s a weird knickknack, a funny print, or even an odd light switch, give them something fun to find and see how many people mention it.

I found this Buddha print from Etsy in a “funny bathroom print” search, and I struggled between that one and this one. I guarantee I’ll be making another purchase soon and switching this one out. I may keep a few on hand and switch them every time we have a get-together at our house. I think it would be fun for guests to always expect something new in the bathroom each time they visit. Plus, prints on Etsy are only between $2 and $5, and I can print them at Walgreens for $3, so keeping a bunch on hand inside the frame to rotate through is definitely affordable.

guest bathroom vanity

Bonus Tip

Make ’em feel fancy by putting something special in the bathroom by the sink. In my bathroom, I put out a handmade bar of mango soap on a rock soap dish (both were World Market finds) when I have visitors, along with some really good goat’s milk lotion. I don’t keep it out all the time because I feel like my kiddo would make a huge mess with the bar of soap, so when we don’t have guests, it hangs out under the sink and is replaced with a regular soap pump from good ol’ Target.

I also keep a few crystals on the counter (because they’re unique and unexpected) and a few magazines on a stool (for, you know, business browsing). There’s no window in this bathroom, so I splurged on a few bundles of good quality faux eucalyptus sprigs from one of my fav Etsy shops, Simply Serra Floral.


small guest bathroom style


Treat your guests to the best form of hospitality you can by making sure the bathroom is fully stocked with anything they may need. By making sure these six things are available and visible, they’ll feel extra welcome and comfortable hanging out in your home.

Want more bathroom organization tips? Check out this post to see how I organized my master bathroom on a Dollar Store budget!

**Side Note: I’ve gotten a bunch of messages on the “wallpaper” in my guest bathroom. It’s actually vinyl decals I made with the Cricut Maker and stuck them on! I used removable vinyl, designed and printed the pattern in Design Space, and transferred them to the wall. For my full review of the Cricut Maker, you can check out this post.




  1. I use Pink Zebra Soaks as a PooPoo spray. It works wonders!!! My motto is, “Spray before you go, and no one ever has to know.”

    • Lela Burris

      Oh I haven’t heard of them! Sounds very similar to the one I use, and their tagline is so cute! I’ll check them out and compare. Thanks!

  2. Sandra Gandy

    I love all of your ideas.

  3. I have been hearing about PooPourri for a really long time from friends and family, but never got a opportunity to it. After reading this article, I am surely going to order one for my toilet.

    • Lela Burris

      Oh my gosh, YES! You need it for sure! It’s such a great thing to have in a bathroom, and we even gave it as Christmas gifts to our whole family one year. Everyone we know is hooked now.

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