Need A HERO?

Get Yourself Organized-ish

What if a home organizer could make you, a hard-working mom, feel invincible?

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’m embarrassed about the state of my home.”

“My calendar is so disorganized that I forgot Mom’s birthday.”

“My dog doesn’t feel better no matter what kind of medicine I give him.”

Breathe, busy mom. There is a better way.

Imagine all of your home’s most pertinent information in one useful spot, for real this time. You could plan the trip of a lifetime, conquer your students’ mountains of homework, and stop wondering if you’ll ever sell your house after five exhausting tries.

I’m a working mom with a husband, a son, three pets, and two jobs. I’ve tried every organization system, and none of them worked. I figured a truly organized life was some sort of elusive villain in a never-ending scheme of hecticness.

That’s when I realized, “If life’s a villain, I need a hero.”





It’s a whole-home organizer that fits you, instead of you fitting it, and it’s even an emergency lifeline.

Most products aren’t practical, and they’re for a person, not a family. Command centers work fine, but they’re inaccessible if someone’s away. The HERO is both expandable and portable. It’s budget-friendly, and it comes as a series of printable pages. Everything is logically categorized, and records can be made for each household member, including pets.

What’s included with a HERO Order?

The HERO Starter Kit ($15.00) is packed with thirty essential pages to organize both your home and your life.

An enhanced version, called the SuperHERO ($22.00), contains the starter kit, plus the Medical and School Sidekicks.

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Are Sidekicks bonuses?

Yep, and this HERO’s got an entire league of ’em! For $6.00 each, you can add these optional expansion sections.

  • Medical
  • School
  • Travel
  • Event/Party
  • Home Buying/Selling
  • Home Renovation

Who created the HERO, and why did she need to?

Hi, I’m Lela Burris. I created my first blog, In the New House Designs, in 2014. I showed how anyone could make their current house their dream home. As my business grew, I shifted my focus to organization. I’ve helped over 14,000 people, over 12,000 of whom are social media and email subscribers, keep their homes and lives organized-ish, because honestly, no working mom is ever completely organized, right?

I was finally fed up with filling out multiple pages with the same important information. I couldn’t find appliance receipts or warranties, so I had to live with a crappy washing machine.  I missed doctor’s appointments, so I got sicker than ever.  Most of all, though, I didn’t want my son to worry about being so disorganized that living is a chore.

I created the HERO specifically for working moms who want nothing more than to have everything under control, then go out and be the fierce women and selfless parents they are. This is the only whole-home organizer that can give an entire family superpowers!


How will I receive my order?

This is a printable home organizer, which means you will be sent a ZIP file containing your organizer’s pages. We do not print or ship physical products. The pages can be printed from your personal printer or from a commercial service such as Staples or Walmart. It can be bound however you prefer. Suggested binding is within a three-ring binder in protective clear sleeves. This keeps the papers safe, while also making it easy to edit.

What is your return policy?

HERO orders are non-refundable. Once purchased, your printable files will be delivered immediately to your inbox and cannot be cancelled.

Is this a planner?

No, the HERO is not a planner. It’s an organizer for your home’s most important information, so like a filing cabinet, but better.

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There truly is no other organizer like this. It makes sense and can grow with your lifestyle, because life is too complicated to be ashamed in your own home or chaotic in your own life.

Supermom, stop feeling hopeless. You deserve better.

You deserve a HERO.