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5 Home Decor Books To Inspire Your Personal Style

I’m a big believer in developing your own personal style when it comes to decorating your home. Sure, there are tons of “styles” out there, but those were created by designers and magazines and cultures.  When you type in any design style in the search bar of Pinterest, every single photo seems to look similar. Like they’re all out of the same house. And all the furniture was bought from the same store. And all the linens came from the same website.

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That’s not how I roll, though. In my opinion, a home is a reflection of it’s owners. It’s your safe place to retreat after a long day in a stressful office. Your hideaway from the crazy weekend drivers. A place that just belongs to you.

Think back to when you were a kid and you wanted to build a clubhouse. You draped sheets over chairs and cushions to create the biggest fort your parents would allow. And you filled it up with things you loved. You didn’t grab your mom’s home magazines to set it up in a perfect Traditional style. You did you.

home decorating books

I want everyone to ditch those design styles, once and for all. Those aren’t your styles, they’re someone else’s. And that someone doesn’t come home to your house every single day. You do. These five books below help you get back to the basics and find your own personal style, so you can turn your home into the biggest “playhouse” your childhood self could have ever dreamed of.

The New Bohemians Handbook

You’ve probably heard of Justina Blakeney, creator of The Jungalo and all the amazing printed products featured on her site, but what you may not know is she has written two incredibly awesome books all about adding good vibes and positive energy to a home. I’m really loving The New Bohemians Handbook because it really helps you embrace what makes you you and helps you turn that into design.

Make Yourself At Home

I love this book so much that I keep it on my coffee table. When I’m just lounging and don’t want the TV on, I pick it up and flip through it again and again. Make Yourself At Home by Moorea Seal is one of those books that just makes you happy and inspired. It never gets old, and there are all kinds of fun little nuggets hidden within the pages. And if you just can’t get enough, her fun and eclectic blog has even more goodies.

The Book Of Decorating AND Your Guide To A Stylish Home

Technically, this is two books. But you can’t just get one. Decorating inspiration Domino branched out from their amazing magazine and website to create these two decorating bibles. The Book Of Decorating walks you through exactly how to decorate every room in the house, and Your Guide To A Stylish Home teaches you literally everything you could possibly want to know about the elements a room needs to be styled like a pro. These two books are hands down essentials for anyone looking to give their home some extra lovin’.


I’ve had a girl crush on Emily Henderson ever since I saw her on HGTV Design Star. I’m crazy about her high end designs, but even more so for the way she styles spaces in the most perfect way. In her book Styled, she spills her secrets for styling the most difficult spaces like tables and shelves. I myself struggle with those kinds of areas and this book is just what I turn to when I get in a styling rut.


Julie Carlson is semi-new to me. I just learned about her a few weeks ago and I so wish I had found her sooner. She’s the editor in chief of the decorating giant Remodelista website, and her home, decorating style, and personality as a whole are just fantastic. I’ve got serious heart eyes for what she does to her own Mill Valley home, so naturally, the Remodelista book is dually as awesome. It breaks down how to create a gorgeous home you can’t wait to come back to without breaking the bank on expensive pieces. It’s a great budget-friendly resource and has some really cool DIYs.

What Are Your Faves?

Did I miss one of your favorites? Have you read any of these yet? I’d love to hear your opinions and recommendations in the comment section below. Let’s get a conversation started and help me add to my reading list!

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