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10 Home Improvement Projects For Your Leftover Vinyl Scraps

Don’t throw out your leftover vinyl scraps! These ten ideas help you use them up and get your house more organized at the same time. Sponsored by Cricut.

As a crafter, you’ve probably got tons of scrap pieces of vinyl hanging out in your craft room. Vinyl isn’t cheap, and we aren’t about it let it go to waste, right? If your scrap vinyl stash is starting to burst at the seams but you aren’t really sure what to do with all those little pieces, here are ten easy home improvement projects to boost your organization game without spending any money at all. Break out your Cricut machine, grab your sharpest scissors, and let’s DIY the house!

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1. Color Code Cords

Use strips of leftover solid-colored vinyl to color-coordinate your cords and wires. Wrap a strip of one color around the base of the cord near the outlet it’s plugged into, then stick a small square piece of vinyl onto the back of the thing the cord goes to. That way if the cord accidentally comes unplugged, you’ll know the orange cord goes with the surround sound because there’s an orange sticker on the back of the receiver.

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pantry container expiration date with chalkboard vinyl

2. Add Expiration Dates To Pantry Storage Containers

While these containers are great for keeping food fresh, you really don’t know how long it’s been in there, and since you trashed the original box, you don’t know when it expires either. Cut erasable vinyl scraps like dry erase or chalkboard coated materials into small rectangles and stick on the back of your pantry containers to write use-by dates. Remember to change the date when you refill them.

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emergency decals for pets

3. Emergency Pet Window Decals

This is a really easy project and could save your pets’ lives in the event of a flood or fire. Use leftover outdoor vinyl scraps to make decals of each type of pet you have, along with text clearly stating there are animals inside. If you aren’t home and an emergency happens, firefighters don’t know how many, if any at all, pets are in your house. Putting these decals near all entry points help your fur babies have a better chance of being rescued. Here’s the full tutorial and cut template.

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color coded coat hangers

4. Color Code Clothes Hangers In The Coat Closet

Trying to keep coats separated by person is pretty much impossible to do, and you can’t expect the rest of the family to keep that up in this quick-grab place of the house. Instead, assign each family member a color and use strips of scrap vinyl to wrap around the hangers of their coats. Now they’ll always know which coats are theirs without pushing them all around and making a mess.

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5. Iron On Labels To Fabric Bins

Fabric bins are one of the most popular storage containers, but they’re also one of the hardest to label. Use leftover iron-on vinyl to make permanent labels that won’t fall off the bins to make it clear what’s inside. This works really well for kids’ toys, guest bedrooms, and linen closets. You can see the full tutorial on ironing vinyl onto fabric bins without burning them here.

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Clorox wipe storage container DIY

6. Upcycle Empty Canisters

Before you throw away a canister from your coffee, snacks, or cleaning supplies, hold it right there. If you peeled off the label and gave it a good wash, could it become a helpful organizer? If so, break out your scrap vinyl stash and look for a piece that will turn your trash into treasure. I upcycled these disinfectant wipe bottles with half a sheet of patterned vinyl and a scrap piece of chalkboard vinyl.

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guest bathroom storage tips

7. Organize Your Bathroom

Dress up cheap bathroom organizers by adding customized decals using tiny scraps of vinyl that would otherwise be thrown away. You can use the Scrap Mat feature in Design Space to make small image decals to label canisters holding things like Q-tips, cotton swabs, dental floss, bobby pins, and makeup brushes. Since most of these containers are pretty small, it’s best to make picture labels instead of words, because teeny letters might be hard to read.

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jumbo mailbox numbers with cricut outdoor vinyl

8. Jumbo Sized Mailbox Numbers

Set your mailbox apart from the rest of the neighborhood by making your own mailbox numbers that stand out from the basic cheap stickers sold at the home improvement store. Using Cricut Outdoor Vinyl and a bold, modern font, you can create mailbox numbers the pizza delivery guy won’t be able to miss.

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9. Weatherproof Garage Tote Bin Labels

Labeling plastic storage totes is nearly impossible. Stickers and tape fall off, and markers smear and fade. When you’re ready to spend the weekend organizing your garage, take some time to make permanent labels using Cricut Outdoor Vinyl that will stand up to the heat, cold, and humidity in your storage space. Use a simple font like Cricut Sans to make finding what you need quick and easy.

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cat bowl with holographic Cricut vinyl

10. Customized Pet Bowls

Give your pets the royal treatment by upgrading their dinner spot with personalized bowls. Any scrap vinyl will work, but if you have it on hand opt Cricut Outdoor Vinyl, which can hold up to water splashes and light washing. I used a piece of holographic vinyl to make cute food and water bowls for each of my cat’s unique personalities.

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