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How To Paint Laminate Furniture

Earlier this week, I shared my son’s new big boy room.

We updated his dark brown dungeon room with cool shades of gray.

His old furniture was in great shape, but it was actually my furniture from when I was a kid, so the white laminate was pretty dingy looking.

I offered to buy him new stuff, but he loved the history that came with his current furniture and he didn’t want to give them up.

I scoured the internet to find out how to paint over it.

Bedroom and Shelving before

I was surprised to find many articles with tons of different ways to do it, but most of them required a huge amount of work.

And the comments all seemed to have negative feedback on the results.

So I did what I should have done in the first place.

I called my mom.

Red and Gray Big Boy Room

She’s a pro when it comes to refinishing furniture.

There isn’t a thing she can’t paint.

She told me about a few brands of primer that stick to anything.

I decided to go with Glidden Gripper, but Kilz and BIN both have comparable options.

Primed laminate furniture

First, I gave the laminate a good cleaning with a little water and a microfiber cloth.

I was afraid to use a cleaner because I knew the laminate would already be tough enough to get the primer to stick to it.

The great thing about the “stick to anything” primer is that you don’t have to sand anything.

It covers and seals any stains and cracks.

I rolled it on thick with a medium nap roller.

*Definitely make sure you’ve got the windows open if you can’t do this step outside. The primer is super strong.

Painted laminate furniture

I let the primer dry and set for a full 48 hours before painting.

The paint went on just like it would a wall and covered really well.

After the paint dried, I put a thin layer of clear coat on top, just for a little extra safety from the tough-on-furniture eight year old that will be using it.

I reused the old handles, too, by coating them with a metallic silver spray paint.

Gray and red big boy room

Painting laminate was always something I thought was impossible.

But now that I know the right way to do it, I’ll definitely give it a second look at thrift stores.

Have you ever painted laminate furniture?

What products and techniques did you use?


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